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Canon Multi-fandom RP 18+
Canon Multi-fandom RP 18+ Make sure you are 18+ if you decide to join this server. Hello there! Would you like to join a server where you can write and interact with other canon characters without having to worry about the character you want not being available? Well, look no further! This is the place for you. Join now!

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OC Roleplay 18+
OC Roleplay 18+ Make sure you are 18+ if you decide to join this server. Hello there! Would you like to join a server where you can write and interact with other original characters without feeling the pressure to join a particular fandom? Well, look no further! If you're ready for your OC to meet other OCs, then this is the place for you. Join now!

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Welcome to BILIQGAMER™ Shop Discord Server ~~Experienced & Trustworthy MMORPG Services, Since 2005~~ Games We Cover: ~Lost Ark US/EU ~Throne & Liberty Lucent KR/GLOBAL ~New World Coin AP and some US ~ WoW GameTime 60 Days Code US ~World of Warcraft SOD US and some EU, and many more trending MMOs! ~~Enjoy Your Favorite Games, and Let Us Do The Rest For You 🛒~~ Add DISCORD: biliqgamer Server:

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Sword aNd Scythe Online
An ambitious medieval/fantasy themed RPG bot. The vision is to fuse a farming simulator, Role Play and Grand Strategy into one integrated, massive multi player online game: The 1st milestone is the farming game 2nd the Role playing game 3rd the grand strategy (After that, I might dabble into a "reskin", ww2 or post apocalyptic themed.)

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Mystic Sanctuary
A Genshin Impact Roleplay server with a lot of channels, free characters, a gacha simulator bot, silly rp channels and friendly staff & members! We would like to welcome you to "Mystic Sanctuary", a fairly new Genshin Impact Roleplay for members over 14+. You can get up to 2 characters, interact with other members and characters and discuss the video game or other fandoms together with others! We hope you will give us a chance and are looking forward to meet you!

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The Business Bench
The Business Bench: Building Business, Branding, Networking & Content Creating Our purpose at The Business bench is to provide a resourceful and educational intensive community for businesses, and individuals/freelancers where you can learn new skills, showcase your own and/or meet interesting people with talent and ideas who wants to bring them to life, find freelancing opportunities as a seller and/or buyer, gain access to free resources and much more!!! Join The Business Bench Discord TODAY

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Private Tutoring
🚀 Supercharge Your Grades! 🚀 Stressed about a last-minute paper? Spent the day gaming and forgot about that surprise test? Need a grade boost or some homework assistance? No worries! We've got your back! 🌟 Explore a wide range of subjects – from Essays and Research to Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Finance, Programming, all the way to Spanish and French! 📚✨ Say goodbye to academic struggles with our top-notch tutors!

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Join TradeSphere Today Ready to elevate your trading journey? Join TradeSphere now and unlock the power of informed trading. Our Discord server serves as our primary platform, offering real-time insights, trade alerts, and a supportive community of traders. Explore our subscription options today and gain instant access to our Discord server. Whether you're seeking to sharpen your trading skills, uncover profitable investment opportunities, or connect with fellow traders, TradeSphere provides

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multi country server all people world wide welcome seeking gamers on all platforms mmos mmorpgs and single player games with bots and help for pc and other.. gaming comunity for people who like games online and offline also ainime art and other hobbies in the server ,, bring your friends become a helper in the server.. invite people and bump up the server .. welcome and enjoy see y in the server..

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RÅVÅNÅZÅR - TTRPG's - VTT's A place for gamers and storytellers to hang out. Find games. Find players. Retro and older hard to find table top role-playing games. Many out of print and out of publication games. New and modern pen & paper games. Stop by our community if you are looking for a game or looking for players.

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