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Single Central
〣l ♡Single Central♡〣 |900+ User|Giveaway at 1k<3| This is a small server for people to join and hangout with people. Come meet new peps or even find the one u looking for:3 We love 2 make new friends and can´t wait 2 have u here <3 Some stuff we have are Chill-Chats , Bouncer´s for a safe place , Events, Auto-Roles, tons of cute Emotes and more. We are also not age-capped , and heavily moderated.

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Teen Chat
Come to tbl we are a dating server and u can find guys and girls we have nice staff We also are good for chatting

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Le Speed Dating
Le Speed Dating est un nouveau serveur français fait pour toi si tu veux rencontrer des gens sympa. Que ce soit des rencontres pour jouer, rire, amicales, ou pourquoi pas plus ! Venez, on est sympa et on a hâte de faire ta connaissance ! (Y’a une majorité de mecs alors si t’es une fille et que tu veux venir nous soutenir pour qu’on soit supérieur, viens! )

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Hentai suru~!
Hello, and welcome to our server, Hentai Suru~! We are a server focused on hentai. We often add new features, we have friendly staff, and anyone has a chance to become staff! We are often not-so active because most people that join are lurkers. About us: - Partnerships open, want to become a partner? DM the server's owner! - Talk about your problems! If anyone is bothering you/breaking rules, DM any of the online staff! - We are a chill server, if you dont want a strict server with a lot of r

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Flower Faye 🌺
new relationship dating server for 18+ only ~ we have nfsw but you can only access if you are verified 18+ lgbt+ / ddlg / furry friendly

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✧ weird marriage and adoption bot ✧ free movies / movie nights ✧ groups of new friends ✧ ethots, egirls, emovies, edrama ✧ gaming groups? not sure how to word that ✧ identity customization / earnable roles ✧ active voice calls all day, everyday ✧ looking for staff and advertisers

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Eboys&Egirls hideout
Welcome to our Eboys&Egirls hideout. Here in this server everyone are allowed to be how much horny they want to. No bullshit owner who will kick you for no reason. This server is basically a edating between everyone -Server Information ♡❧ Active text chat ♡❧ Active staffs and mods ♡❧ Alot of thirsty eboys&egirls ♡❧ Amazing Artworks and Marriage ♡❧ E-dating ♡❧ Self role ♡❧ 12+ bots ♡❧ 13+ server ♡❧ Partnerships

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✧My Humble Abode✧
This server is an amazing server with great people. We love all sorts of topics such as : Anime, Gaming, Memes, art and so much more. Our server is full of nice people who will accept you for who you are. We have amazing self roles and cool colours!! So come on down and join our club!

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School 13+
Its school xdddddddddddddd

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ღ Tyuovi ღ
A lovely community! Mixed with Anime & much more! Friendly members! Who knows if you find your dream person here too? We have everything including custom server games, pokecord, rythm, mudae,mee6, unbelievaboat, we have a level based system for the server. it feels like a rpg at times!

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