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CityLife | Serious RP | FiveM PC
We are a serious RP community. Come hang out with us, build a character, and start living the virtual life you've always wanted! We will always try our best to make sure you're a happy player. Note: You will need a copy of GTA5 on your PC and the mod.

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We are creating a RWBY RP/DND Server where you can come create your OOC within our rules and play them using DND if you do not wish to play DND you can solely roleplay over voice chat or in discord. We do not allow any show characters to be played only OC's come join us and ask us any questions you may have. Looking forward to talking and rping with you

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Fur Hangout
This Is A Furry Server For Furry. This Server Offers: ⭐️ This Server Has Many Bot And Some Own Made Bots For The Server ⭐️ Plenty Of TC And VC For All Furries ⭐️ It Has Channels For Art, RP, NSFW, Discord Advertisement, Social Media, Dating And Private Rooms. ⭐️ This Server Offers Plenty Of Thing For Furry Users. ⭐️ We Have Kind And Nice Staff Members. We Hope You Will Come And Have A Nice Time At Our Fur Hangout Server :D

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🔥Astral Servers RP🔥
: ASTRAL SERVERS FULL RP! Kits,Tpa,Home,Warps and much more! exclusive BLT'S Active Admins FULL RP Loads of mods We are the brand new generation of FULL RP New and fresh! Stay tuned and more updates will come Join today and get a exclusive BLT for free! THIS IS THE STUFF THAT WE WILL DELIVER AND MUCH MORE EXPECTED AT ASTRAL Servers FULL RP!

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⁀➷ Astral WORLD
Hey, I'm Oushy. I want to present you the Astral World. What's the Asteal World ? It's a new friendly discord server for chill and discuss about any topics you want. Fan of anime ? You're a gamer ? You like a special type of music ? You can talk about everything here ! It's a safe haven. We also have : -An artist Channel for share your arts (drawing, editing, music) -A channel to promote whatever you want (your twitch, a youtube video, a discord server) -Lots of color roles -A userp

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Todo RP
Welcome to Todo RP. We are a new and litle community, that loves DarkRP, and would like to give the best experience for our players. Please join our server for more information, support and giveaways . IP:

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World of Furry Tg/Tf
Join this server if you enjoy Tg/Tf Rp ! We have plenty of bot to have fun and an Nsfw part for the Kinkiest one ;3

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[FR] Island Life
Serveur Darkrp de 32 slots

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𝙰𝚗𝚒𝚖𝚎 𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚛𝚘𝚕
The purpose of this server is to create a place where people can have a good rest time watching anime and talking about it. Regardless of whether you decide to leave or not, we hope you enjoy! The channels on this server are very well organized and included with an official server radio bot called Suzuya's Radio. The server comes from the following categories: vaporwave, aesthetic, anime, community.

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Apocalypt'ic RP
Rejoignez-nous dans notre aventure pleine de dangers eeettt de zombies évidemment ! Le Staff reste à votre disposition pour toute question 😉

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