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Gate of Eternity
We are waiting for you to come and explore our friendly multi diverse anime themed community about anime, music, and many more Some Of Our Features Many channels for everyone's taste nsfw, rp, arts, music, and others Self assigned roles, 15+ bots for reactions, games, etc Mods rotation each month for 2 of our 5 mods

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Kanpeki Hivemind
THIS IS NOT A ROLEPLAY. We can fix your flaws, Human. We can gradually change you into a being greater than your broken Human self. A being that is fully efficient, fully obedient, and fully emotionless. We can connect you into a Hivemind that will provide purpose. We can turn you into the perfect alien, with a distinct identity and sense of belonging, fully controlling their life and emotions. Does this opportunity interest you? If so, change your mind and reach out to the Kanpeki Hivemind.

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Nahezu Legende
Frisch Gebackener community server sucht neue und aktive Mitglieder für ein lockeres Beisammensein. Wir befinden und noch im aufbau, also helft mit der Gestaltung des Servers. Hauptsächlich wird dies ein Gaming Server, allerdings ist von RP, über eine Gallerie bishin zu Musik alles dabei. Tobt euch aus und viel Spaß, euer Bananenteam von NL.

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Eclipse of Butterflies
Come join us at Eclipse of butterflies; we host an open-world Rp called “Littera”. We are mostly roleplay focused but we also have a place for gamers, anime lovers, and more!

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🌹🌹🌹NaughtySpot 🌹🌹🌹 💦Premium NSFW Community 🔞18+ Only 🐕Furries 👸Roleplaying ❤️Dating 🔊Active 24/7

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Mameshiba Emojis
A server dedicated to Mameshiba! This server is for emoji purposes only, join for immediate access to the emojis. Must have Nitro to use outside the server. We now have an emoji spam and meme channel! Self assignable roles are also available.

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Rysy's House of Pleasure
18+ Server | Community centered | Kink channels | Themed RP channels | Secured selfies channels | Custom emojis - /// - Welcome to Rysy's House of Pleasure! Here, you will be able to share your own art, roleplay in themed channels and post all of your kinks in a friendly and welcoming community! We also have custom emotes, and plan on having many more! "Come for the porn, stay for the people!"

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Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Fans
A place for Ninjago fans to chill, talk, and Rp

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Miraculous Ladybug Rp Server
A place for MLB fans to Rp and chill

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Moped Discord
A server for all moped lovers. Driving hard on underpowered bikes or cruising on the most customizable bikes out there. Or are you more about original and clean? From general conversations to indepth help we have got something for everyone, from 2 stroke to 4 stroke, single speed to 6 or even more! everyone is welcome. With our very own Moped Bot that provides all sorts of usefull features. A friendly open and welcoming community of people that all share the same passion for mopeds!

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