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we are a faction server centered around the Roblox game SCP: roleplay. we do training, tryouts for our elite faction, and large roleplay events. we have realized that some of the public servers aren't good for roleplay so once we have grown our player base we will make private, heavily roleplay enforced, servers. we would be honored to have you

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The Grom is a new, fast growing & active Discord server, a lovely anime & gaming community! We mainly play SoulCaliburVI and other fighter or FPS games. Join us and discuss about artwork, animes, games or just how you've been.

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Retrogaming community -- reddit news tagged retrogaming in chat -- dank memer autoposting memes -- frog game avaiable -- leaderboards with user banners -- youtube videos from 10 different retrogaming sources

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Gerfeeled Logde
•Growing server with an established community of core members but adding new people •Game nights that are usually hosted every other night •Semi toxic members with limited rules •Plethora of copypastas, links, gifs, and memes

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Welcoming community to all osu! players of every gamemode. Verified players get bonus perks.

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Madly Medusa
Hello lovelies, we are a ages 16+ server for making friends, hanging out and other funzies. Our vibe is wholesome and toxic free. We won’t bite so don’t be nervous about saying HEY 𓆏 🌻 Server features 🌻 ♡ lgbtq+ safe ♡ active but chill community ♡ gamers, fun bots ♡ vent/positive safe space ♡ fun roles with cute colors

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Gamers Universe
In this server it's has been made easier to play with friends or with others in the server. We have game categories for Among Us, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, PUBG, Pokemon, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker 2 & Mario Kart 8 DX Disclaimer: The server doesn't allow advertisements for other discord servers or websites. We do have channels where you can promote your Youtube/Twitch videos and livestreams.

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Ultraviolet is: › 18+ › LGBTQ+ friendly › SFW › Rapidly growing and active We are an active, rapidly growing gaming community server that welcomes anyone. We have an incredibly friendly community who loves to socialize and play games such as League of Legends, Dead by Daylight, Minecraft, ROBLOX, and more! Come hang out with us in chat or voice!

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We'd love for you to join the Revolution community! - Mod positions available - Manager positions available - Open to musicians and vocalists private channels for music makers to collaborate, promote, and share their work! ~ - Private space for gamers: Using reaction roles, make yourself part of our gaming community and gain access to the server gaming channels! ~ - Streamers welcome! Promote your presence on streaming platforms and use our server to voice/text chat with others without interru

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=--= Hello, I am Kell. This is my Cord. It is Kellcord. It is not right =--= =--= At Kellcord we have =--= 🐸 MEMES 🐸 🤖 BOTS 🤖 👥 SELF-ROLES 👥 💤 IDLING 💤 🎨 AESTHETICALLY PLEASING STUFF 🎨 🎲 GAMES 🎲 😴 MORE IDLING 😴 👹 SEMI-TOXIC COMMUNITY 👺 😳 ME. I AM KELL 😳 🛌 SERIOUSLY SO MUCH IDLING 🛌 ☘️ and more... ☘️ =--= We're brand new, so if you're looking for a better discord server to spam terrible tenor gifs, come try out Kellcord! We have bots and stuff! Memes too! Probably, I guess. Come check us out! =--=

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