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Luigi Gang
Fun community for Luigi, and all Nintendo fans alike! Get together and play games, chat in the server, post memes, catch pokemon, level up in the server, and much more! Join Luigi Gang for a fun time! - Luigi

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Aninoss: * Ein Heim für alle LGBT-interessierte, Otakus und Gamer \o * Wir nehmen jeden herzlich auf und freuen uns über jeden Neuzugang <3

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This is a server to make a potential friend or just hangout for people mostly 16+ who like to stay up late and feel lonely we do alot together watch anime, game and have movies nights at times so come by if you're alone and need someone to chat

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The Hentai Enthusiasts
Looking for a social hentai server? Come join us! Wanna chill with us cool people who talk about anime and games? Come join us! 48K+ Members.

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Welcome to Three Houses, a server about the newest Fire Emblem game! We welcome new and old fans of the game series, and hoping to grow our small, positive and supportive community up into a big one. We also welcome regular Discord members that just want a place to go and hang out in. We have many channels open for discussions, art and writing postings, rant and support channels, and of course, memes. The server has plenty of voice channels as well, and fun bots!

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NoName Project
NoName Project - сервер, о котором никто не знает. Но это не мешает проекту жить и потихоньку развиваться.

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「 ❀ 」 · Astra
Friendly and Relaxed Otaku Server. Enjoy yourself while making new friends. We appreciate artwork so feel free to share~~

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NylaPop's Illegal Sugarcane Dispensary
NylaPop's Illegal Sugarcane Dispensary is a hangout for gamers and Discord's most DANK memers who like to chill and have a good time. The Dispensary is a place where you can meet other gamers and streamers, make new friends, form a squad, or have a judgement-free place to hang out. If you're single and ready to mingle, you can even find yourself a hot date. 💘 Oan, we love buying crap, irrelevant selfies and trash memes. Shit-posting & ad spam welcome. 👌🏽

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Christian Gaming Commonwealth
We strives to bring christians, non christians and gamers together within a family friendly server. All we ask is that you respect each other and our rules.

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С прибытием в Imperium! Наш проект предоставит Вам площадку для приятного времяпрепровождения как в нашем discord-сообществе, так и на игровых серверах проекта. Основное направление нашего дискорда — поддержка игровых серверов SCP:SL. Также имеются отдельные чаты и разделы для других игр, в котором наши участники могут кооперироваться между собой и проводить вместе увлекательное время в различных играх.

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