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Cosmic: Ursus
Cosmic: Ursus wolf, roleplay, canine, magic, survival, semi-literate In a world torn by magic and power, the Ursus pack thrives, united by 5 different families. When a threat from the past returns, everyone is put in grave danger and leaves only one question to be answered. What matters more... family or power?

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Smash, Pals, and Beyond
“Smash, Pals, and Beyond” is a multiverse RP discord server set in the Smash Mansion. Despite its setting, however, it is not restricted to just Smash characters! (Thus the “Pals and Beyond!”) Whether you’re looking to RP as Princess Zelda, Detective Pikachu, the DOOM Marine, or Elaine from “Seinfeld,” we’ve got you covered! Even if you want to bring an OC, those are welcome as well! If your character is already in our server, duplicates are fine! The server is LGBTQ+ friendly and SFW only.

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Weimar Republic
This is a very fun and very nice group, we RP in 1929, it is based off of the Weimar Republic. We are looking for active and good at RP members. So if you like that kind of stuff, this may be your group.

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Welcome to otaku vibes, a gaming anime lewd role-play chatting safe space. No judgements, you can like what you want. We only offer lewd and NSFW to those who want it (Role-based). Upon joining our server you can choose what you want to see in #get-roles! Our server is solely focused around: Gaming Anime NSFW Roleplaying Chatting

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Blestemat (RPG Yaoi Brasil)
Somos um servidor de Roleplay por texto com temática Yaoi/BoysLove que utiliza Personagens Originais. Temos um Plot definido e aceitamos personagens humanos ou criaturas sobrenaturais.

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Horny Heaven
Horny Heaven 18+ Male/Female Nudes Selfies Roleplaying Trading Gaming 18+ only allowed Voice chats!!

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Watch Hot Sex Videos
Naked pictures and movies 18+

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Join the server all about porn. Nude selfies Women and Men Nude Video selfies Women and Men 50+ different nude categories Roleplay Social Media Porn Porn Bots Porn Gifs Daily New Brazzers and Reality kings videos. Voice chat

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Alternate W̶̢̍ō̶̙r̴̒͜l̷̯̓d̵̦̒
The year is 3035 & new serum has been made; to take you into the simulation. Scientists have always been fascinated in what the human raced would be like if the world was in ruins, overrun by the abnormal, aliens and robots to be exact. However, they don’t see them for what they are, they see them as these mystical, animal like creatures. Alternate Ẃ̴̳o̸͙̍ȑ̷̠l̸̻̃d̴̜͝ is a fun-filled roleplay server with an amazing community as well as a brilliant staff team. It includes many fun features too!

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Camp Proctor RP
Welcome to Camp Proctor! This a mythology rp where we are demigods or a form of a semi humanoid creature, everyone is welcome as long as you follow the rules! Hope to see you there!

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