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Sir Izaak's Gummy Trap 21+
MOST ACTIVE Diverse Global Social Cannabis Community for those seeking a online cannabis sanctuary. Our Motto is "Never Smoke Alone" so we do our best to ensure that 24/7 there is someone to talk to in chats. We help bring stoners together from all over the world for mental health, by providing a resource for non-hostile social engagement. Cheers! Much Love to the GummyTrap!!! ------Welcome to the Dankest Place on Discord------- -We provide a non-hostile, drama free, online sanctuary for cannabis smokers all across the world -Helping people come together and interact with each other via voice and video chats. We call it,"The Virtual Couch"

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🐉Dragon Advertising🐉
╔═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╗ ⭐Hey you Did you ever want to have your server grow amazingly fast⭐ Well now you can! With the help of 🐉Dragon Advertising🐉 You Can Advertise & Grow > 🤝We offer: > 👮Professional Staff > 💬Active Chat > 📝Easy application > 🏆Awesome Events > 📦Advertising In multiple Categories And more come! We are searching: > ✅Active Staff > ✅Active Member > ✅Active Anti-Dead Chat Team ►We Are A Community/Listing Server◄

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A Star Wars server with topics about the latest movies and games, we talk and discuss over new trailers or even movies. #spoilers 🔴 We support /r/starwars and 24/7 daily starwars news. 🔴 Gaming Chat for Star Wars Battlefront and other games. 🔴 Music Bot 🔴 Star Wars Bots, and more active & working bots. 🔴 Friendly & Funny community. Feel free to join our Star Wars community and get once with the force!.

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🎉 YourSocialHub 🎉
Amusing chats! Loving community! Constant giveaways! Enjoyable movie nights (on us)! Outstanding 24/7 ad-free uninterrupted music streaming! The most incredible community on the entire internet! Already 600+ members and always growing! Absolutely astonishing staff! Beefy moderation! Impressive bots! Voice Channels! Unique Roles!

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100% SFW server, full with edgy girls, e-girls, e-boys, self proclaimed cyberterrorists, weebs, epic gamers Be aware of the toxicity levels going off at times (24/7) E-drama and beef is the theme of PΛRΛDISO ▃ ▅ ▆ ▇† WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER †▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † ↞━━━━━━༻ ⛧ ↳ ➤ 100 clout tokens upon joining Server ◄ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † ↞━━━━━━༻ ⛧ ↳ ➤ Our own custom PΛRΛDISO bot (Fun) ◄ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † ↞━━━━━━༻ ⛧ ↳ ➤ Active Chat & VC With Custom Channels 24/7 ◄ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † ↞━━━━━━༻ ⛧ ↳ ➤ 2:1 Female to Male ratio 【No Incels】 ◄ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † ↞━━━━━━༻ ⛧ ↳ ➤ Competitions And Weekend Events + giveaways (Nitro & Games) ◄ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † ↞━━━━━━༻ ⛧ ↳ ➤ Pokécord Bot, Mudae Bot, Waifu Bot custom channels ◄ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † ↞━━━━━━༻ ⛧ ↳ ➤ 100 Self Assignable Roles With A Variety ◄ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † ↞━━━━━━༻ ⛧ ↳ ➤ Social Media Connections By Promoting◄ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † ↞━━━━━━༻ ⛧ ↳ ➤ Albanian & Bulgarian e-criminals ◄

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Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring is a fresh new server open for everyone! We need active people who don't mind to stay even tho it's quite empty sometimes! What this server offers: Emotes (you can join only for emotes, no problem!) Voice channels for gaming, listen to music, chat with people Gaming Bots such as Muda, Paisley Park, Astolfo and more! Channels to advertise/share your arts, favourite animes/mangas, livestreams, discord channels and other things! A nice staff team o/ So join us

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Amantes de games(precisamente de RPGs), jogadores da serie Souls. Aqui temos varios memes, chat de estudos, jogos em geral. Seja Bem vindo meu consagrado!

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Luigi Gang
Fun community for Luigi, and all Nintendo fans alike! Get together and play games, chat in the server, post memes, catch pokemon, level up in the server, and much more! Join Luigi Gang for a fun time! - Luigi

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Attack on Titan Hub
Join the Attack on Titan Hub server! We are a two year old Discord community server for Attack on Titan, and its fans! Your source of information for all things AoT related! We provide chapter and episode leaks as well as the official ones. Come watch, read, chat and talk with us, all about it! On top of that, we also have general, off topic channels, game and music bots, and a leveling system!

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Boost your snapchat score or add likes, followers, views and subscribers and more to your favorite social platform such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud and more!

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