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Nefty Ballers Official
Nefty Ballers is a basketball game that combines blockchain mechanics with web-based gameplay. The game will initially use a simple three-dimensional display built on Unity for the WAX blockchain. Nefty Ballers is our first game in a series of six games we will be making. It is an NFT collectibles basketball themed game. There will be a trading card game and an arcade game in the future, with the trading card game released first. The Nefty Ballers trading card game will have player-versus-player

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Official PokeBots NFT
The PokeBots is a collection of generative bots with many elements inspired by our childhood monster anime. Each artwork is original, with unique element to later be use in our upcoming NFT game.

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Here you can see the new generation of CryptoPunks!!! The CryptoZombiePunks. We are a new but helpful and strong community. if you also want to be a part of the next generation join us.

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Feudal Fortunes
Feudal Fortunes is a ‘play-to-earn’ game, meaning: The better you play, the more money you can make doing so. The game begins with the purchase of a plot of land. The larger the land plot, the more resources & gold coins you can earn and use to upgrade NFTs and purchase add-ons. The next phase of the game involves competing against other players’ Knight NFTs in our jousting minigame. Horses, weapons and armour add-ons can all be purchased and upgraded using gold coins earned and SERF tokens. Long term, the aim of the game is to grow your kingdom as much as possible, acquiring vast resources and upgrading your knight NFTs (and various add-ons) to the highest level. Hard effort is rewarded by the fact that, with time and effort, even relatively cheap NFTs can be upgraded to far more valuable NFTs that can be sold for ethereum. In addition to this, gold coins earned can be exchanged for SERF (ERC20) tokens.

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Pika crypto official crypto token discord —> Please no advertising, political involvement, insults, rumours & negative disputes. Website: Pika-Contract: 0x60f5672a271c7e39e787427a18353ba59a4a3578

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The Yaksa - SOLANA NFT
Yaksa is a project to create 3 generations of NFT with comics on the side before putting them in a fight on 2D Metaverse.

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Ducky Dudes
Ducky Dudes 3D NFT Series, 999 to collect! All models are handmade and non-generative, series started by artist.

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Be some of the first to become a part of the most futuristic NFT and Blockchain company out there. Our upcomming NFT Collection will become the most lucrative NFT investment in the world! Benefits worth a Million Dollars in a lifetime: 🎁 Giveaways, ⏬ Free NFT Air Drops, 💰 Crypto Currency Airdrop, 🤝 Collab Opportunities We believe that the power of blockchain and NFTs has the potential to resolve major world problems.

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Crypto Academy
Are you new to crypto, or have been in the business for years now? You can come and chat with people like you. From helping newbies to getting the latest crypto news this server has it all. A niche crypto community for everyone that likes crypto.

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 Rich Ape Yacht Club
The Rich Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10k Rich Apes NFTs with more than 205 hand drawn traits. These are the unique Rich Ape collectibles where each of the NFT comes with a membership of an exclusive group of successful investors. We are creating a community which will help you to grow and will provide huge benifits. The goal of The Rich Ape Yacht Club is to make everyone rich who owns our NFTs.

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