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Loliepet77 came from the world of pixel and was stranded in the human world when he entered the black hole. Now he wanders the world alone and finds a way to get back to the world of pixel.

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The only Manster in the pixel collection, it's a combination of man and monster that survived in the pixel war long time ago. Manster88 is starting to adapt the meta world that evolving in the current time-line.

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Gags_3D consists of 10000 items made of 3D and each of them has a different dna. Mint cost 0.025 Matic.

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Escape the Apocalypse
∆ | YOU ARE INVITED TO ESCAPE THE APOCALYPSE | ∆ Escape the apocalypse is a mind blowing game in the metaverse! Join other experts as they try to escape the apocalypse and win big. •The only rule is• ✓There are no rules! Crack down the puzzles before others to win 100k $. Team up or play alone! will you survive or die trying? But the bigger question is... Do you dare? If yes, Join Dr Darwin in his journey here

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DeFi Yield Protocol
Cats and Watches Society NFT is coming soon!! **Join the whitelist now!** Defi Yield Protocol would like to announce the creation of Cats and Watches Society! CAWS is a collection of 10,000 unique Cat NFTs with over 182 possible traits utilizing the Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum Blockchain. 🎉 🎉 🎉 **Giving Away Brand New $40,000 Rolex** 🎉 🎉 🎉 **Join our Discord Now!**

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Nefty Ballers Official
Nefty Ballers is a basketball game that combines blockchain mechanics with web-based gameplay. The game will initially use a simple three-dimensional display built on Unity for the WAX blockchain. Nefty Ballers is our first game in a series of six games we will be making. It is an NFT collectibles basketball themed game. There will be a trading card game and an arcade game in the future, with the trading card game released first. The Nefty Ballers trading card game will have player-versus-player

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Little Ninjaz NFT
Check out Little Ninjaz NFTS For a project that rewards its holders with a free V2 and V3 on mint 🔥🔥🔥

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Crypto Riderz
Crypto Riderz is a new server that is focused on all things crypto. From mining to investing and more, we are trying to have a group of people who are looking to help each other learn and succeed in the lucrative world of crypto. Come ride with us!

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PixASCII is a collectibles’ NFT project on Flow blockchain. Pixel art and Commodore PETSCII codes create this amazing NFT art collection.

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