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Chibiusa Video Club
Share your favorite audio & video! Promote your YouTube channel, Twitch stream, or podcast! Enjoy streaming radio, offensive memes, prank calls, & anime lewds!

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Aninoss: * Ein Heim für alle LGBT-interessierte, Otakus und Gamer \o * Wir nehmen jeden herzlich auf und freuen uns über jeden Neuzugang <3

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Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring is a fresh new server open for everyone! This is very new, so there's like, not a lot of people, but we wanna grow bigger! What this server offers: GLOBAL Emotes (you can join only for emotes, no problem!) Voice channels for gaming, listen to music, chat with people Gaming Bots such as Muda, Paisley Park, Astolfo and more! Channels to advertise/share your arts, favourite animes/mangas, livestreams, discord channels and other things! A nice staff team o/ So join us

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Animes House © Otames
Animes House é um Servidor de Animes Brasil tem Varios tipos de Anime tem Mangá Para Voces Verem Sala de Musica,Faça Seus Amigos Aqui e Venha Conhece o Nosso Servidor

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Universo dos Deuses
Universo Dos Deuses e um Servidor de RPG De Anime De Varios Tipos de Anime tipo Aventura Ação Guerra Magia E Mais Tem Varios Venha Conhece o Nosso Servidor de Anime RPG Brasil

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Single's Café
Single's Café is oriented towards everyone. It is PG-13 (user discretion is advised) except in the 18+ Verified category, it's features anime sections, artwork sections, nude sections, and is a platform for chatting, dating, and gaming.

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The Sloths
The Sloths, is a Discord server to talk to other people about video games, anime, or anything really! Join The Sloths to meet some really nice and chill people!

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National Niggy Association
The National Niggy Association was created by Serbian refugees during the 2nd Balkan War who sought peace in the world, they later decided to form an organization dedicated to ensuing said peace with anime. How that makes sense, nobody knows.... FEATURING: - A day-by-day as it happened retelling of World War 2 - An active and supportive community - Plenty of artwork and artists waiting to give feedback - A democracy YOU can be apart of!

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Your Name
Сервер ищет активных людей У тебя есть шанс попасть туда

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Kaffeeschlürfer auf Mission ein angenehmes Umfeld für Otakus und Gamer zu kreieren! (Hauptsächlich Minecraft und Overwatch!)

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