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love earth coin
LOVE EARTH Coin project is a social engagement with global participation. That means you are a part of us no matter you are from Canada, the States, Germany, India, Mexico, basically any places in the world with internet. The project implement a very strict principle of sustainable and low-carbon footprint. After all we aim to build a new charity model in the age of Web 3.0 to help people around the world! I don’t know if you guys read news about cryptocurrency or not. But I gotta tell you, In May 2021, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum (ETH), showed how blockchain technology can help in charity practice! He did such a great thing by donating cryptocurrency at a huge fund. The fund has been sent to India to fight against Covid-19. The project will continue to be practiced as we all know, the impact of COVID 19 is huge and will last for at least a decade. This practice was first introduced by Buterin, this is the first but not the last! Charity work will be continue to be practiced and make sure our helpless neighbours can be assisted by us. We are going to explore a more sustainable way for this practice in the future! With more activists and conducting feasibility tests in a certain range!

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Undead Pixel Monks
Welcome to Mushin Monastery. Deeply respectable monks once lived here. They were supposed to find enlightenment, but instead are cursed to live forever on the blockchain as NFTs! Generation 1 contains 100 NFTs and generation 2 added another 200. Generation 3 will be the final one in the main Undead Pixel Monks collection, and will add another 300 for a total of 600 NFTs. We are currently working on two games: Undead Pixel Monks Adventure and Undead Pixel Monks Dojo.

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Celebrate_NFT is an Exsclusive NFT Marketplace. In our Discord We talk about new projects / How people could be launching their own projects, up-dates about our marketplace/ giveaways we are doing for out NFT projects!

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This is the official server for Troverse — The Ultimate NFT Collectibles & Play-to-Earn Blockchain Game, plays in a vast galactic Metaverse of 10,000 procedurally generated planets. Join the Troversians community now!

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Digital Duckies
These Digital Duckies are one of 3,333 floating around the bathtub that is the Ethereum blockchain. The Duckie is an official member of the Digital Duckies community found in the warm bathtub of the metaverse.

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Alto Royalties BackUP server
Welcome to Alto city Alto city is a collection of 15 900 programmatically generated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT represent a map of one of world's cities. Alto city holders can participate in exclusive events such as NFT claims, raffles, community giveaways, getting % on contract withdrawals and more.

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Canal en Español Hablamos de Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum y Criptomonedas Análisis de Mercado Feed de Noticias Y mas cosas... --- English Channel We talk about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum y Cryptocurrencies Market analysis News Feed and more to come...

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The bitconnectCoin Community | The bCC | The bitconnectCoin Community Supports The Open-Source GUI Full-Node Satoshi-Client Miners Of The bitconnect Public BlockChain. BCC: Compound-UTXO Proof-Of-Stake BlockChain. BCCX: Proof-Of-Activity BlockChain (Hybrid Proof-Of-Work & Proof-Of-Stake Mining).

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The Next Generation Trading Bots Platform is coming... Zoobdoo is developing a next generation blockchain powered hybrid social gaming & fintech platform.

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Crypto trading community providing signals on bitcoin, altcoins and other moonshot gems, DeFi and NFTs. beginners or pro investors welcome. Learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain project updates.

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