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GOML Gaming Co
Our Features: -Professional website with forums, events, and more. -Arma 3, Squad, Rust, and Minecraft servers (with more to come) -Military ranks with promotion rates and staff openings -Friendly and active staff (mostly veterans or active military) -Staff needed! If over the age of 17 and are willing to assist and be active with GOML you can apply on our website! Our Mission: We're striving to create a well established community of fun, relaxed, and mature gamers.

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𝗦𝗧𝗔π—₯ π—ͺ𝗔π—₯𝗦 πŸ’’
A Star Wars server with topics about the latest movies and games, we talk and discuss over new trailers or even movies. #spoilers πŸ”΄ We support /r/starwars and 24/7 daily starwars news. πŸ”΄ Gaming Chat for Star Wars Battlefront and other games. πŸ”΄ Music Bot πŸ”΄ Star Wars Bots, and more active & working bots. πŸ”΄ Friendly & Funny community. Feel free to join our Star Wars community and get once with the force!.

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100% SFW server, full with edgy girls, e-girls, e-boys, self proclaimed cyberterrorists, weebs, epic gamers Be aware of the toxicity levels going off at times (24/7) E-drama and beef is the theme of οΌ°Ξ›οΌ²Ξ›οΌ€οΌ©οΌ³οΌ― β–ƒ β–… β–† ▇† WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER †▇ β–† β–… β–ƒ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † β†žβ”β”β”β”β”β”ΰΌ» ⛧ ↳ ➀ 100 clout tokens upon joining Server β—„ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † β†žβ”β”β”β”β”β”ΰΌ» ⛧ ↳ ➀ Our own custom οΌ°Ξ›οΌ²Ξ›οΌ€οΌ©οΌ³οΌ― bot (Fun) β—„ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † β†žβ”β”β”β”β”β”ΰΌ» ⛧ ↳ ➀ Active Chat & VC With Custom Channels 24/7 β—„ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † β†žβ”β”β”β”β”β”ΰΌ» ⛧ ↳ ➀ 2:1 Female to Male ratio 【No Incels】 β—„ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † β†žβ”β”β”β”β”β”ΰΌ» ⛧ ↳ ➀ Competitions And Weekend Events + giveaways (Nitro & Games) β—„ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † β†žβ”β”β”β”β”β”ΰΌ» ⛧ ↳ ➀ PokΓ©cord Bot, Mudae Bot, Waifu Bot custom channels β—„ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † β†žβ”β”β”β”β”β”ΰΌ» ⛧ ↳ ➀ 100 Self Assignable Roles With A Variety β—„ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † β†žβ”β”β”β”β”β”ΰΌ» ⛧ ↳ ➀ Social Media Connections By Promotingβ—„ ⛧ ༺━━━━━━↠ † β†žβ”β”β”β”β”β”ΰΌ» ⛧ ↳ ➀ Albanian & Bulgarian e-criminals β—„

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A Universe Of Lasagna
Welcome! We're a little community for Dead By Daylight and more games!

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g e m u
Welcome to g e m u ! A community made for those who enjoy gaming, anime and much more! We are LGBTQ+ and furry friendly, have bots for your entertainment and a separate NSFW and dating section (18+ ONLY!). We host giveaways for every milestone we reach and we're always up to play some games or discuss anime. Join us!

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Sonic United
Sonic United is a server decided to Sonic the Hedgehog and SEGA. We are primarily focused on Sonic fan games.

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Amantes de games(precisamente de RPGs), jogadores da serie Souls. Aqui temos varios memes, chat de estudos, jogos em geral. Seja Bem vindo meu consagrado!

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vR Gaming
[German Discord Server | Deutscher Discord Server] Der deutsche Discord fΓΌr den wahren Gamer! Brandaktuelle Gaming News, free Games und Gewinnspiele lassen jedes Gamerherz hΓΆher schlagen!

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Luigi Gang
Fun community for Luigi, and all Nintendo fans alike! Get together and play games, chat in the server, post memes, catch pokemon, level up in the server, and much more! Join Luigi Gang for a fun time! - Luigi

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(NOT - SO) Secret Base
Welcome To (NOT - SO) Secret Base This Discord Server Is Where You Can Socialize With People That Has The Same Interest As You. For Example We Offer: ❖Anime and Manga Discussion ❖Fps Games Discussion ❖RPG/Gacha Games Discussion ❖Music ❖Non - Toxic Server ❖A Very Chill And Cool Members ❖Voice Channels ❖Light NSFW ❖Fun Bots And All Of That Other Good Stuff! So Join Now!

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