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The Grom is a new, fast growing & active Discord server, a lovely anime & gaming community! We mainly play SoulCaliburVI and other fighter or FPS games. Join us and discuss about artwork, animes, games or just how you've been.

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Ultraviolet is: › 18+ › LGBTQ+ friendly › SFW › Rapidly growing and active We are an active, rapidly growing gaming community server that welcomes anyone. We have an incredibly friendly community who loves to socialize and play games such as League of Legends, Dead by Daylight, Minecraft, ROBLOX, and more! Come hang out with us in chat or voice!

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=--= Hello, I am Kell. This is my Cord. It is Kellcord. It is not right =--= =--= At Kellcord we have =--= 🐸 MEMES 🐸 🤖 BOTS 🤖 👥 SELF-ROLES 👥 💤 IDLING 💤 🎨 AESTHETICALLY PLEASING STUFF 🎨 🎲 GAMES 🎲 😴 MORE IDLING 😴 👹 SEMI-TOXIC COMMUNITY 👺 😳 ME. I AM KELL 😳 🛌 SERIOUSLY SO MUCH IDLING 🛌 ☘️ and more... ☘️ =--= We're brand new, so if you're looking for a better discord server to spam terrible tenor gifs, come try out Kellcord! We have bots and stuff! Memes too! Probably, I guess. Come check us out! =--=

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TheSinz Official Server
Attention all gamers, anime lovers, and all the above. Want a location where you can chat others, look for teammates in a video game, or a place where the most random topic can occur? Or perhaps a place where random movie nights or anime nights can happen? If so, then look no further than the sinz server! Here we have channels for anime discussions, people looking to play a game or two for numerous amount of games, (soon-to-be) lots of engagement happening in general chats! Be sure to drop by!!

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Talismans Community
Talismans is a community of players from different games that seek to help each other out and help the community grow!

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The Crypto Hub
━━ 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗖𝗥𝗬𝗣𝗧𝗢 𝗛𝗨𝗕 ━━ The only discord server you will need for Cryptocurrency information. Join the community and ride the waves. 🟢 Active server 🟢 Crypto news, charts + MORE! 🟢 Server bots to get charts + play games 🟢 Support to help you with Crypto information 🔴 This is not a server for finical advise! 🚀 Join The Crypto Hub today and be apart of this amazing community! 🚀

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The Pub
Welcome to The Pub! This is the #1 meeting place for Dutch and Belgian players, but other nationalities are also welcome, both casual and competitive. The Pub is what it is, a pub. A place where people come together to have a good time and play games. We are a Discord community that wants to provide a fun environment for all. It's all about gaming and having fun together. The most popular games are Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty. Besides those we play a wide variety of games.

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💎Supreme Gaming💎
hey i have my our own discord server called 💎Supreme Gaming💎it’s a loving and supporting community where everyone can get to know each other make new friends and main thing support each other 💗 {🎮} we got a Gaming News Bot {😎} a Awesome Emotes {🧻} a Leveling system and Self-assignable roles {☢️} and some Patch-bots {☕️} very Friendly Members and Great Staff {📌} a nice and very Clean server Layout {⚠️} we have Preset channels/roles {⚡} and if your a Streamer/Youtuber?

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Home for Lost Queers
We are a growing LGBT safe space server. We have a diverse populace and are very welcoming. Tons of bots and games for everyone to enjoy. We also have a ton of roles lol. Come join us, friend!

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Arcadia is a social gaming community on the rise. Come on in to discover new games and meet new friends along the way. Aside from gaming, we also enjoy sharing the love of anime, manga, movies and music. Join our warm, welcoming, and growing community. :)

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