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We are a popular crypto community that helps our members make a profit on PUMPS! Why should you join us? 📈 - profit during the pump is usually 80% - 200%; 🔒 - premium signals from experienced pump team; 🔥 - fair pumps; 🚫 - no pre-pumping; 🆓 - our pumps are always free; 💰 - stable profit. 💵 Join us now and enjoy the cash! 💵

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bitoftrade is a new DeFi trading platform with a transparent, non-custodial solution, offering advanced trading tools accessible to any type of trader. Allows users to get more from their crypto portfolio with Leverage trading, Limit order, and Swaps between all available tokens on multiple networks with optimized market prices directly from their wallets, without registration or KYC verification. Start trading on

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GROW USING CRYPTO!! ---- 💥 CRYPTO LEARNING AND GROWTH COMMUNITY 💥 --- - 🌟 SIGNALS, NEWS AND INFORMATION - 🌟 EDUCATIONAL CONTENT - 🌟 YOUR NET WORTH Welcome to The Picasso Labs!! We are the fastest growing crypto enthusiast server out there. We provide signals, news and information that helps you grow crypto net worth. We will provide you required information from the fundamental and technical analysis. Note:- We provide signals and informations that we are personally using and implying.

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Welcome to New Minimax Finance Users! 👋 is an aggregator of staking and yield farming opportunities with stop loss and take profit. We offer: ✅Reduced risks due to stop loss and take profit ✅Multiple positions per vault ✅Low entry barrier ✅Simple and easy to use interface ✅Audited by Hackenclub - received well-secured grade ✅ Pools from PancakeSwap, Beefy.Finance and VenusProtocol Join our server to learn more!

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CodeMonk Community
CodeMonk is a platform dedicated to helping you find the right talent to scale your tech teams. Choose from a global pool of experts, all incentivised to deliver their best

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Aha Learn-to-Earn
Aha is a learn-to-earn environment that rewards students’ learning with crypto & NFTs, based on their achievements. Aha aims to help students get into their dream colleges by providing unlimited free standardized exam problems (e.g., SAT, ACT, CBSE, etc.). With an Aha NFT, the users can even unlock the learn-to-earn feature to earn tokens. Join Aha now to discuss standardized exams & college applications, be involved in the Aha ecosystem, and receive the latest news of Aha NFT Pre-sale!

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welcome to " vlovNFT " server. If you NFT lover You will must like this server. this is the best server for you if you like NFT's or if you want to grow in nfts.

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ADAM is a DAO incubator platform that helps everyone create DAOs. We are going to launch ADAM soon. ADAM supports any community to start their own DAO with no-code along treasury and governance tools. It responds to the market challenges by facilitating five core phases - Build. Vote. Pay. Mint. Liquidity. Join our discord community to get our latest updates.

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A place where those interested in everything Web3 can come together, discuss, and learn more about it. • Come shill your projects • Keep in the know about Web3 News & Events • We have opportunities to take surveys on your opinions on Web3 related questions to earn some extra cash

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The MetaRoy Podcast: Crypto Simplified
Does the world of Crypto seem like Mandarin to you? Not anymore. Every week on The MetaRoy Podcast, we are going to make crypto simple and fun. Join your host Roy on his journey towards decoding the world of Web 3.0, Crypto, NFTs, and The Metaverse, with engaging stories, and interviews with experts who are making an impact in the crypto landscape everyday.

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