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Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe     • A Proof of God     • The Theory of Everything     • Minimum IQ for Higher Access: 135

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[Paradoxika is a mage faction in the universe of Baolynn. Rival other houses, choosing between earth, air, fire, water, and arcane. The castle is home to a wide variety of mages who would love to meet you.] ⭐ Multiple sub-cultures and fandoms; including writers, artists, otakus, furries, gamers, horror freaks, and others. ⭐ LGBT friendly and an otherwise friendly environment for roleplaying and chatting. ⭐ Partake in various events, such as Dungeons & Dragon sessions, Cards Against Humanity sessions, movie nights via, and multimedia contests. ⭐ Test Akinator's guessing skills and battle beasts with Myuu. ⭐ Learn a few things with our daily trivia based on science and history. ⭐ Level up, work for gold in the tavern, and buy items from the local merchant. ⭐ Self-assign your roles and buy a few custom ones. [Our headmaster is in the works of crafting Narja. She's our private bot written in JavaScript. Come view and aid in her progression!] *Your destiny awaits you.*

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Lovely drama free server, everyone 18+ is welcomed! (Approximate age of the server: 21 to 33). English server with 5 special channels fully in Spanish to practice it. 43+ channels with different topics such as science, anime, fandom, sports, cars, fitness,etc, 14+ bots and 242 roles for you to pick all you'd like! Friendly and fair administration. Anti-spam/anti-raid system activated 24/7. Brief interview in the lobby for a better security of the community on who joins. Quality > Quantity. ♡

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New Horizons
Hi, welcome to New Horizons! We are an academia-based server that focuses on the topic of space and all the fields that contribute to our understanding of it! Come explore our little corner of the galaxy!

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