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JP & EN 言語Cafe
Want to learn everyday Japanese or English? We are a Japanese and English language exchange server that offers: - general channel filled with chill and fun members; - many native speakers with cheerful personalities; - experienced teachers who can help you understand better; - question channels, open 24/7 - feel free to ask anything; - voice channels, English, Japanese and also JP & EN mixed; - various learning resources for both languages; - and many exciting activities coming in the future!

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Grows R Us
Friendly cannabis cultivation related server. Talk everything cannabis from growing, to smoking, to making edibles or concentrates. Don't grow cannabis? That's cool to, like deep subjects, gaming or just like to laugh? Have a good conversation in general chat. New growers, don't be shy. Do you have problems? Come show us, we can help you without trying to make you feel bad about making a mistake

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only for science lovers if you wanna be a instructor/helper/teacher then here is a good starting point

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Boostopia | Community
❗ We help our customers reach their desired rank in League of Legends and Valorant ❗ → EU & NA only ❤ ────────────────── 🥇 How can we be trusted? → Online since 2017 → Feedback channel in our discord server → Trustpilot page: ──────────────────────────────────── ❗ Discount Code ❗ → By finding us here, you are eligible for our 30% discount code: DISCORDBEE2022 (only for new customers)

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Thinktube's youtube promotion.
Helping you to promote your youtube channel free and paid both. Like ▶️sub4sub ✅1k Subscribers (1 week). ✅4000 hours watchtime(1 week). ✅Monetized youtube channel(1-2 weeks). In best rate.

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answer to questions and earn money ... if you have expertise in any field, better to join our community and help members you can share/post your Patreon

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Pokémon Worldwide
We offer sysbot genning bots for swsh and bdsp bots and pla bots. We offer help when needed Helper team is always available just ping @Helper Team. We also do giveaways and much more.

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The Pokemon Empire
A server dedicated to Pokémon. We offer trade bots for all Pokémon games from Gen 7 through Legends: Arceus. Scarlet/Violet bot when it becomes available all 100% free. Donations are encouraged but never required. We have a helpful staff that can answer any of your questions or help you with anything you need. Come check us out and be sure to bring your friends!!!

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Musician's Outpost
If you are seeking a place to share your thoughts & creations, Musician’s Outpost is all about collaborating, conversations, sharing and more! There is a wide variety of topics but we’re always listening to suggestions from the community. ─➤ What you can expect: ・ Friendly and helpful community ・ Active members & moderators ・ Many roles ・ Bot support ・ Voice & text chats ・ Feedback opportunities ・ A place to buy and sell music gear ・ LGBTQ-friendly ─➤ Come on over and enjoy our community.

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The Official Axolotl Kingdom
Welcome to The Official Axolotl Kingdom! You are welcome here and we will always be willing to help out!

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