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Hytale Hub
Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity on the best Hytale Discord ! Hytale is a new game from Hypixel Studios. Hytale game updates, news & more

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White Tea
~ Do you play Minecraft, Osu!, or even LoL? Or, are you an anime fan? ~ If so, then come join us in ☕️White Tea☕️! ~ We have Pokécord! ~ We have OwO bot! ~ We even have Baron and Hypixel bot! ~ Tired of toxic people too? Then come join us! ~ For League of Legends, we focus on NA, EUW, and EUNE regions but anyone is welcome! ~ This is a friendly server and we support anyone and do not discriminate against anyone! ~~ Oh and also, White Tea is good for you.

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SilverMoon Reforged
Disclaimer: Our server network is still under construction, but feel free to join and get ready for a wonderful minecraft community experince! Get early access before we launch! SilverMoon Minecraft welcomes you to our discord community! This community is dedicated for our minecraft server network, however non-players are welcomed to join to enjoy minecraft chat, programming, talking about life, etc.. We are always open to people. :)

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The Vanguard
🐇 80+ DDLG, Petplay, Gaming, BDSM, LGBT 🌟 Minecraft server, active voice chats 🍓 Nudes, Teases, Selfies 🦖 Dinosaur Facts Channel 🍓 Pinned server member of the month 🍒 Publicly discipline your sub/little/pet 🍒 Little space, petplay space, and gender support 🍓 Store with exclusive perks 🍓 SFW and NSFW self 🍓 Store with exclusive perks 🍒 Kink discussion and education strawberry Debate and advice channels

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Join if you like gaming and minecraft. Free v-bucks

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10K Gaming
Just a little server to talk and play with other people :)

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MCSociety | Everything Minecraft | Plugins, Builds, Servers & MORE!
Grow your Minecraft Server by posting your server with us for FREE!!

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Yeehaw Country 🤠
Welcome to Yeehaw Country where we have a community full of helpful programmers and newbies. We ocasionally play games, chat, have fun, and just test out stuff. We are looking for more members to help grow our server so we can begin rolling in donations to put back into you guys with giveaways, server upgrades (we have our own site and network for things like Minecraft!), and more! We want to be a friendly community for all and if anything goes wrong, our admins are always on watch and ready to

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Craft City | MineTopia
A very friendly chill Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox community for PROcrafterz! We have dozens of channels for you to chat and have FUN in! We have also channels for listening to music! You can also post ADS on the server! We have also our own Minecraft server... CraftCity.serv

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Pukka Network
------------------------------------------------------------------------- ╞═══╡🎮╞═══╡**Pukka Network**╞═══╡🎮╞═══╡ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only excellent, amazing and authentic gaming community! **• 🤖 Custom Discord bot. 10+ features to use such as music and fun commands! • 🔴 Never pinged. You only get pinged for what you choose with our ping roles! • 😃 Friendly community! We despise toxicity and have 24/7 moderators! • 🎉 Enter our daily giveaways to win cool prizes such as Steam games and roles! • 🗓 Take part in our events and compete with your randomly assigned team to win! • 🆙 Custom XP level system with auto-assigned ranks and activity rewards! • 💬 Active chats! We even have a custom AI chat bot that replies to our members! • 🆚 Multi-national gaming clan! Join and compete using our multiplayer servers! • 🕹 5+ 24/7 Multiplayer servers for popular games such as Minecraft/CS:GO! • 🔑 Claim a free Steam key every 24 hours! Invite people for better games! • 🛂 Steam trading! We offer Steam trading services such as middleman calls! • ✅ Emojis! Lots of fun and cool custom emojis! We even make our own emojis!** ``@everyone can get a free Steam game key worth $5 for every 5 people you invite! Don't miss out on this deal as it will only last until we reach 500 members! Just claim by direct messaging the owner of the Pukka Network Discord server!`` Join Pukka Network today for all the above and much more! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links: | -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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