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College Friends
☆・Discord server dedicated for College/University Students to make friends! ☆・💖 Have a Minecraft Server! 💖 ☆・✅ Basic Roles for Major/Year/Color and more. ☆・🤖 Game bot from "UnbelievaBoat" bot (with a shop to buy colors) ☆・🏫 Planning to add Clubs with customized channels ☆・📚 Planning to add Tutor Roles ☆・Feel free to join and say hi 👋

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🎮▁▂▃▅▆▇ GamerSpot ▇▆▅▃▂▁🎮 🔫Scrims 💎Home of the MineSpot™ Server 🧱Robux Rewards ⚡Pokecord and Much More 👊 CoD Mobile, PUBG, and LoL Teaming

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🎁 Giveaway Corner
Almost daily giveaway of all kinds of stuff! For example minecraft, spotify, netflix or even nitro!

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Sinister Siege
The official Sinister Siege Network Discord. We are currently developing a Public Minecraft server that will feature factions, Custom Skyblocks a featured game mode.

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Realm SMP (Bedrock!)
hey you! do you play minecraft bedrock? well if so! join our Minecraft Realm! We are a very Small chill server for anyone to join. We are a survival SMP

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Minecraft Experience [ITA]
Cerchi un posto dove poter giocare con i tuoi amici? Bene Gaming Experience fa al caso tuo! Non solo potrai avere una tua stanza dedicata dove potrai giocare in tranquillità con i tuoi amici, ma potrai anche utilizzare le stanze normali per conoscere persone da tutta Italia e fare amicizia. Gaming Experience ti mette a disposizione diversi giochi tra i quali Sea Of Thieves, Counter strike: Global Offensive, GtaV, Call of duty , Forza Horizon 4 e il gioco per il quale siamo tutti più appassionati: Minecraft. Lo siamo talmente tanto che abbiamo un server in continua crescita e con una media di 50 utenti: un ottimo modo per farsi nuovi amici! Non hai nessuno di questi giochi? Non ti preoccupare, ci saranno continui aggiornamenti per rendere la TUA esperienza nel NOSTRO server discord sempre più varia e avvincente possibile!

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We offer a non-toxic, growing community. We aim to be an LGBTQ+ safe space, and minors' comfort is always kept in mind. We have a music area, and two games chats, one for AC:NH, and one for Minecraft. We have active staff, a cute leveling role system with colored roles, and roleplay within the server is welcome. In this server, we have 50 Pompompurin emojis, we offer a non-judgemental vent channel, and we even have an aesthetics channel. Don't be afraid to join us bby!! Owner's ID: bbymylk#1210

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Minecraft magyarul
Mindenkit szeretettel várunk a közösségünkbe! Célunk egymásnak társakat találni játékokhoz. Ami nálunk megtalálható: -csapatkeresés -beszélgetési lehetőség magyar játékosokkal -társak játékokhoz -szerverkészítéshez útmutató -remek közösség

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Techno Craft
☑Minecraft Bedrock & Roblox With The Owner (If You Win A Corrosponding Giveaway To Them) ☑Active Owner ☑Games ☑A Suggestions Page ☑A Report System (do ~report @wumpus spamming)

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「ฟธズ」- Wolves Street™
Howl 「ฟธズ」- Wolves Street wants to enjoy 2020 together with you! We're inviting you to our remade Server & maybe get you into our Team, who knows > Why you should join? - We always search TrackMania Player for our TM-Team. TrackMania United/Nations Forever as well as TrackMania 2 / Maniaplanet [every Envi] - You can join also if you just want to be a Guest or if you want to take part in one of the other Games we play [where we're also available as Team] - GTA V and Minecraft [more coming soon]

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