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Actualize is a rapidly-growing community dedicated to promoting introspective awareness, exploring personal identity, developing willpower and compassion, and encouraging mutual growth in one another. Overarching themes are psychology, philosophy, and personality typology (MBTI, Socionics, Enneagram, and more). We also have channels for casual socialization, art, literature, gaming, music, cinema, etc. We seek to create a space for both open self-expression and civil academic discussions.

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MaskGun - Official
Join our official MaskGun Discord server to connect with players worldwide and speak with our development team! MaskGun is a casual real-time Multiplayer First Person Shooter built for Touch. Cross-platform 3D Multiplayer FPS game for IOS and Android with a new real-time presence system allows you play with your friends by joining them in a game.

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D2House Of Wolves LFG
Here you can meet up with other guardians to take on the world of Destiny2. You can discuss PvP loadouts, find a fireteam for a raid or just chat about how you still haven't gotten that one elusive exotic to drop. We also have multiple LFG channels and voice rooms to make finding a fireteam simple and quick. We know sometimes it’s hard to find the right person to hang out with while you’re fighting your way through the universe. Looking for more? Looking for a clan? Looking for a fireteam? We got you. We want to give you a central thread that doesn’t get jammed up with thousands of posts to sort through just to find that fantastic friend or clan to adventure your way through Destiny2 . We are looking to expand and find new members. Looking to build a fun server with lots of activities going on. If you are a casual pve player, a pvp man, hardcore grinder, nonstop raider, or a new player, you are welcome here. No expansions are required but are suggested in order for you to play with more people. Would like to have a more active members.

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FetLife & Fandoms
ADULT community for kinksters and geeks that are 21+ residing in the USA. ✨ Casual Chat Environment ✨ Porn on Demand & Game Bots ✨ Sexy Events & Games ✨ Easy Self-Assignable Role Menus ✨ All Levels Of Experience Welcome ✨ Variety of channels for BDSM/Kink, Gaming, & Fandoms ✨ Miscellaneous Section for Hobbies & Shitposting ✨ Looking for active members & late night mods ✨ Looking to partner with other ADULT only servers

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Newly created server with the idea of growing a good community, maybe new friendships will be made while discussing interesting topics or anything that is in your mind. It's a clean server with no explicit content with a casual approach to things like going to your local coffee and share some stories/experiences with the good folk, no drama needed. Join if you're interested and thank you.

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RWBY Fan Server
A super casual, fun, community-based RWBY server. Join us as we share our favorite fanarts, fanfics, gifs, clips, you name it! We have dedicated channels for RWBY-related discussion as well as off-topic casual chat, and much more! We have just added Daily Question and Weekly Discussion prompts as well, and are doing occasional giveaways! Join your favorite character's team (or teams!) and rock their signature color as you chat.

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Knights Of The Pub Table
We play multiple games from MMOs like FFXIV, ESO to competitive games like RL, LoL and SoT. We are a cross plat server and host events and giveaways weekly. Mature mostly young adults

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T h e   Y e e t   S t a t i o n™
We are a server dedicated to chilling, memes, gaming and anime! (if you came for the server name and image,we all know you should join). Anyone who joins becomes a "Gamer" and we also have a special role called "Epic Gamer" only for the legends! If what you're looking for are chill conversations, cool people from all around the world, and some casual gaming, then you should join us!

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👇🍒👇 Want to talk in a place where you’re not ignored? 🚀 Mist is an active community server for everyone to show off their hobbies and skills, make plenty of new friends, and fill up the tedious hours of a regular day with fun bot games and casual, chill conversations with friends! 🚀 🍒 easy to get popular here! 🔥 custom bot + server mascot 🙆 level up ranks with perks 🌤 daily good morning and good night messages (extremely wholesome) 😭JOIN QUICK, BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR ONLY CHANCE!😭

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Avril Lavigne
This is a discord server based on Pop Punk Queen, Avril Lavigne. If you are a fan of Avril, little or huge, you can join our Discord server and have fun with fellow Little Black Stars. We host listening parties every week to reminisce on our memories regarding Avril and her awesome songs, as well as enjoy the sweet nostalgia. We are a very welcoming community and appreciate each other's music taste. So, even if you are a casual listener of Avril or only like her slightly, you are welcome here.

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