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Secrets discord is a fun community, with all sorts of different people to socialize with! It is a welcoming community, with tons of fun with events, bots, and so much more! Join today to make friends and socialize with people from all over!

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Luigi Gang
Hey all you Nintendo fans, are you looking to make new friends to chat and play games with? Then you check out Luigi Gang! > Meet nice people to chat and make friends with! > Plenty of cool custom emojis to liven up the chat! > Play fun games together, especially the Luigi's Mansion series! > Voice chats to communicate easily with each other! > Tons of cool roles for you to have, including ranks! > Lots of entertaining bots to enhance the server

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Making Friends
A small SFW place for making friends. To come online and talk when you feel like it.

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A Friendly Place
Around 300 members, currently. A small SFW place for making friends. To come online and talk when you feel like it.

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Musical Dream
This Discord server is made for music enthusiasts to share their favourite music, discuss about music related topics and listen along to music with others. Everyone in this server shows a passion for music and we hope you will enjoy your stay, discover some new great artists and maybe even make some new friends through this community! ♡ Welcoming community ♡ LGBT and female friendly ♡ Free advertising in specified channels ♡ Progression roles ♡ Music bots and music specific channels

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The patting inn
a small but tight community of weebs, gamers and anyone else really. discuss your favourite things, make friends and enjoy spending time in our ever growing community. Just don't get too freaked out in the beginning, we've accepted the trash that we are.

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Yaoi Dungeon
Hello! Welcome to our Yaoi Dungeon! A few words to describe our community are: chill, easy going, and very kind! We are a growing community of nerds from across the world and are always happy to welcome new friends! Here on Yaoi Dungeon (YD) you can talk about anime, manga, movies, music, games, and of course, yaoi! Also, be sure to check out our many image dumps with juicy BL content.

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The Philippines
Welcome to The Philippines Discord Server! ─────────────────────────────────── A community for everyone who wants to talk, meet people, and play with friends online! ➣ Mingle with people. ➣ Meet new friends. ➣ Play your favorite games with fellow gamers. ➣ Get to know Filipinos. ➣ Join regular meet-ups. ➣ Read the latest news. ➣ Ask for advice. ➣ Share gaming tips. ➣ Chill in karaoke nights. ➣ Post selfies. ➣ Host or join gaming tournaments. ➣ Participate in various events and contests ➣ Enjoy!

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Club Paw
Club Paw is a sfw server with a focus simply on helping other folks out and providing them with a safe space to make friends and be themselves. Fur or non fur, all are welcome.

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MNFH (Official)
A place to make new friends! Presented to you by r/MakeNewfriendsHere Subreddit.

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