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Gerfeeled Logde
•Growing server with an established community of core members but adding new people •Game nights that are usually hosted every other night •Semi toxic members with limited rules •Plethora of copypastas, links, gifs, and memes

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BlackNinja KR
Heya, What 'sup everyone! It's me BlackNinja KR from Youtube and Twitch. Do you want to play with me/ show up on one of my videos, join the discord server. Aside from that, you can always, talk, hangout and chill with others onboard. Become a Ninja TODAY!

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Arcane is a discord server where you can go to hangout with other people and chill and make loads of friends. . -------WE OFFER------- :clown:A fun environment! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Loads of fun! :handshake:A chill community! :robot:Fun emotes! :space_invader:Gamenights! :telephone:Voice channels! :100:Easy reaction roles! :1234: Counting chat! . :peace:We accept everyone no matter what your race, sexuality or gender! . :skull_crossbones:We also have a zero tolerance policy against raci

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a little new kpop server where u can hangout, talk make new friends and chill!! the server is not done yet but there are coming kpop music games and more<33

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Castle XVIII
🔞BRAND NEW SERVER 🔞 🍑 A whole server about all surrounded around fun, chill, and sometimes lewd hangouts! Who VERY frequently shares the HOTTEST 🔥 nudes 🍑🍒 in our channels free to all members! We also play games, watch movies, share porn, and much more. We exist as a community to befriend one another while getting to enjoy things together. Join now! You won’t regret it  ⚠️ 

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sals hangout
- welcome to sals hangout ! were just a group of ppl tryna have fun and make friends tbh, so join if ya wanna hang with us !! -this is a 13+ server -toxic ppl, this isnt the place for you

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Owl Universe
Owl Universe, A small server but very active chat, This Owl Community is a wholesome server, SFW, We are a kind and nice server! we host lots of events when our server is now filled with members! and this server is a chill, hang-out server! We Recommend you to join this server because we put a lot of effort into this server and we will do everything to have your fun!

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Vibin Hangout
A fun place to have a great time! Vibin’s goal is to unite people and match you with others that share your interests! Join today and meet great people!

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𝗖𝗶𝘁𝗿𝘂𝘀 ✿
╭⋟────────────────────────╮ ✿ Welcome to 𝗖𝗶𝘁𝗿𝘂𝘀 ✿ (18+) ✿✿✿✿ ✿This is a chill gaming/hangout server. ✿We welcome any and all that join. ✿What we offer: ✿ Movie Nights ✿ Cute Emotes ✿ Active Chat ...and much more! ✿ Please come on in and check us out! ╰────────────────────────⋞╯

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cocoa's hangout server
! Welcome to cocoa’s hangout server ! in this server, you can : • stream anything • play fun games • chat and mingle around • make new friends we also have : • gaming room • streaming room • movie night/day • self assigned roles • many fun bots Enjoy your time here and have fun ❗️

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