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PlayNoPay - Serwer Minecraft
Psst! Witam serdecznie, chcielibyśmy przedstawić wam serwer PlayNoPay na którym panuje tryb PvP z brakiem mikrotransakcji umożliwiającym uzyskanie przewagi w grze przez jakiekolwiek wpłaty na rzecz utrzymania naszego serwera. Postanowiliśmy stworzyć swój serwer Minecraft, ponieważ bardzo fascynujemy się grą Minecraft oraz podczas rozgrywki na innych serwerach zawsze irytował nas fakt uzyskania przewagi w grze przez mikrotransakcję wspierające dany serwer...

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Join a fun guild for programming help and talk. Python, Java, C#, Kotlin and all other languages welcome. If you need some help for your next programming project, or just want to chat about programming in general, this is the place to be.

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AMiR Games Shop
Expert in Selling Best Game Accounts: Call of Duty Mobile - Clash Of Clans - Clash Royale - PUBG Mobile - Brawl Stars - Mortal Kombat

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Ascension L4D2
Ascension is a discord for a 20 Player Left 4 Dead 2 Coop server that keeps getting more difficult when more people join by, increasing the zombies HP as well as increasing special infected count. I wanted to keep the gameplay still pretty normal/vanilla without a lot of mods such as buying with points or laseron. We also play other games together in the discord as a community! If you're interested come check us out! "L4D is not dead :)"

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Services We Offered: All of them based on turkish localized pricing and 100% Legal! 🌟Discord Nitro 🌟 Discord Cheap Decorations And Effects 🌟Discord Server Boosts 🌟Spotify 🌟YouTube Premium 🌟Steam Top up 🌟Xbox Gold 🌟Xbox Live 🌟CrunchyRoll 🌟Fornite Vbucks 🌟Chess Subscription. 🌟Dualingo Super 🌟Canva Pro 🌟Twitch Sub Gift ✨Join our server to check them!

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Alamanda - Criadores de histórias
Somos uma comunidade de escritores e artistas focados em ajudar todos, inclusive quem está começando. Servidor da editora Alamanda

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Retrogaming community -- reddit news tagged retrogaming in chat -- dank memer autoposting memes -- frog game avaiable -- leaderboards with user banners -- youtube videos from 10 different retrogaming sources

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Virtuoso Guitarristas
VG is a new Discord community for music enthusiasts! Whether you simply love listening to music, are an aspiring artist, musician or producer. VG is the perfect place to socialize and share all things music. Share your favorite tracks, music you have created, latest chart-toppers, discuss the newest album releases, classic hits, your favorite artists, exchange song recommendations, collaborate on musical projects or simply just hang out. We aim to create a space where music lovers can unite.

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1 + 1 = ? if you know the answer of this equation, then you are welcome a place for learning mathematics, geometry, algorithms and whatever related to it we also try to have video tutorials per week daily voice chat and sharing knowledge and a lot more

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⚪programmers club? a place for all coders and programmers

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