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Porn Nudes +18
🔞 : Porn ✅ : Verified 💸 : Giveway 📸 / 👻 : Instagram / Snapchat NUDES 👫 : Couples NUDES 💬 : Chat rooms

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T E E N+
Welcome to The T E E N+! We're a brand new 18+ community with tons to offer including nsfw fun with nudes and teases, bots, events, giveaways, and plenty more! Don't miss out and join now!

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very big 18+ server 85,000+ members with 24 7 active chats and VC friendly and social community chill and fun focused NSFW server with many lewd nsfw channels such as - NUDES - giveaways - porn - hentai - hookups - dating - music - roleplay rp also anime gaming good emojis or emotes a Pokemon bot and other

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Kinky In Minnesota
Hello and welcome to Kinky In Minnesota! We are a 18+ Minnesota based BDSM server all about making friends and connections within our nearby community. ~Self-assign roles easily ~ Share your memes ~ Check out various channels We have both sfw and nsfw channels available to all members who age verify ranging from general chat to selfies, nudes, kink discussion channels and more. Come join us!

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Lewd Hoes
For the lewdest hoes :3

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Bow Chicka Wow Wow
Our busy little community is slowly growing more and more. We originated from KIK. But now since KIK is shutting down on 15th we have moved to Discord. Our little community is based on dirty mind, good dirty pictures, videos, selfies and more. We also have a gaming community category for all gamers. Our no bullshit policy is to weed out all catfishers or fake people and only have pure real people in our server. So why not come in and have a look around. Verification is very easy to follow.

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18+ Chat And Friends
Our little group started out in KIK and now has moved to Discord. Our server offers nudes, community voice and text channels, female sellers, memes and more! - Real Females & Males from around the world - No Fake Or Catfishers - Verified channel's and voice - Roles - Color Roles - Music Bot

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Fun For All
A little fun for everyone ;) Mega/db only for verified

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We are the only server with NO RULES! Post whatever you feel like! NO RULES! JOIN THIS SERVER

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A place for all egirls and eboys to come connect and meet, join today and come say Hi.

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