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Cocoa & Cream
Friendly community-based server, aiming to make your stay as comfy as possible! ALL are welcome! Includes self-assignable pastel color roles, fun bots, events, giveaways, and more. Come and chat with us over a cup of hot Cocoa & Cream!

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Onsen Club ♨
• Descrição ⬎ Comunidade brasileira recém criada, bem organizada e feita para amantes da cultura japonesa, jogos e outros. O ambiente da comunidade é bem agradável, com diversas pessoas ativas e divertidas. Torne-se um hóspede deste maravilhoso onsen ❤.

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ESL team
This server is for those who want to earn money through playing games,

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Asian Languages Learning |Russian|Japanese|Chinese|Korean|Японский|Китайский|Корейский|Языки
Hello! This new Discord Server for learning russian, japanese, chinese language! ─ Learn japanese and chinese ─ Discussing japanese and chinese culture ─ We have an active, supportive and helpful community Сервер по изучению японского/корейского и китайского языков. - ответы на ваши вопросы по языку - дискуссии по японской, китайской, корейской культуре - отзывчивое комьюнити.

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Luigi Gang
Fun community for Luigi, and all Nintendo fans alike! Get together and play games, chat in the server, post memes, catch pokemon, level up in the server, and much more! Join Luigi Gang for a fun time! - Luigi

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Cockroack anarchy
★[ 100% Anarchy / Emoji server [FR / UK ] no rules / aucun règlement]★

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Astro Server Project
The Astro Server Project was created with the intention to share the knowledge and love of astrophotography and general astronomy. It is intended to be both inviting and encouraging for those entering the hobby. This is currently a brand new server (as of 5/13/19) looking to find its place and grow with those who join it, suggestions and ideas are appreciated. We have several roles that you may choose from upon joining: [Astrophotographer] [Astronomer] [Stargazer]

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100 peepo emotes
peepo emotes for Nitro users uwu

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GB | GloriousBeliever
GloriousBeliever is a religous server related to Islam. But we welcome all religions to join in here since this server is one of the most friendly server you will ever find! Join now to make friends, & besides that learn more about other's religion!

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「 ❀ 」 · Astra
Friendly and Relaxed Otaku Server. Enjoy yourself while making new friends. We appreciate artwork so feel free to share~~

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