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Retrogaming community -- reddit news tagged retrogaming in chat -- dank memer autoposting memes -- frog game avaiable -- leaderboards with user banners -- youtube videos from 10 different retrogaming sources

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🎀Satania Media🎀
Welcome to Satania Media this server is for porn and friends, we also have memes. Everyone can share or just watch. All types of porn are welcome 18+ ONLY AND FOLLOW DISCORD ToS If you like the server support us with a Boost. If you want a new category you can request it :3 Ask for your role name and color Everyone join and say is the best server and you will say the same !!

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🔞 Memeverse: NSFW & Dark Humor Hub! 🔞 Ready for the edgiest meme journey? Join Memeverse, your destination for unfiltered dark humor and spicy NSFW memes. 🖤 What's Inside: 🖤 😈 Dark Humor Heaven: No holds barred. Embrace your inner darkness. 🍑 Spiciest NSFW Memes: For the bold and unapologetic. 🎁 Frequent Giveaways: Win fantastic prizes and rewards. 🌟 High-Quality Porn: Explore the best in adult content. 🤐 Discretion Guaranteed: A safe haven for expressing your wild side. 🔥 Join Now

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The HRP Community
This is the official Discord for Hitler Rants Parodies, a YouTube channel dedicated to Downfall Parodies. We chat about all sorts of things, share memes, roleplay and even play games.

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Mounjaro Bodhi Cafe
Our goal is to be a place people look forward to visiting every day, somewhere they can share their struggles without judgement, and openly celebrate their victories, no matter how big or small. This is a server for anyone who wants to lose weight safely and healthily, where people can be their true selves, share recipes, show off progress pics, post silly memes, ask for advice, make friends, find accountabilibuddies, and stay motivated to become a better, healthier version of themselves.

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🔞 Dark & Edgy Memes Hub 🔞 🖤 Dark Humor, Spicy NSFW, Memes 😂 Funny Emojis, Stickers 🎁 Giveaways, Premium Content 🔥 Join Now:

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Tiki Tavern 🎃
A chill and fun server, we welcome everyone 14+ (don’t join if easily offended) ✧Social / community ✧Everyone here is cool and amazing, make new friends ✧We have an introduction channel ✧Join our server Pinterest board ✧Game Nights ✧Movie Nights ✧Show off your creations in our art channel ✧Memes ✧Music ✧Anime & Manga ✧Gaming ✧Tv Shows/Franchises ✧Pets ✧ AI Bots, and more such as Mudae ✧Catch Pokémon ✧Emojis/Stickers ✧Boost Benefits ✧Mod Applications Help us grow, be active

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Chub Dream inn
welcome! this community is built specifically for chubs and bbws . also this is a kinky server so if you are vanilla please find another server as you may not like the content here . anyone is welcome . i hope you join and have fun ! NSFW SFW KINKS AND FETISHES FURRYS CHUBS AND BBW MEMES VCS AND MORE

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Welcome to Society, your go-to destination for socializing, making new friends, and enjoying a diverse and inclusive community! 🌐 Immerse yourself in a super active environment with a variety of clubs, roles, and a vibrant community. 😼 Society is a multi-purpose haven for everyone, offering chill chats, addicting bots with weekly events, and a plethora of entertainment from memes to gaming to emotes. 🚀

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Join the Ultimate Gaming and Meme Community on DISCORD! Looking for an epic Discord server where you can unleash your gaming skills, share hilarious memes, and connect with fellow gamers? Look no further! Introducing the one and only gaming and meme paradise: Killjoy! Level Up Your Gaming Experience: Dive into a vibrant community of gamers from around the world who share your passion for all things gaming! Whether you're a casual player or a competitive pro, Killjoy has a spot just for you

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