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Retrogaming community -- reddit news tagged retrogaming in chat -- dank memer autoposting memes -- frog game avaiable -- leaderboards with user banners -- youtube videos from 10 different retrogaming sources

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Do you have urges to fight weird looking dinosaurs? Need a place to wind down after a long day to call discord home? Well look no further!! Check out our website at: ⚈ 💯600 Members! ⚈ Competitive fun Smash experience with crew battles, and more. ⚈ A CUSTOM DISCORD BOT with all the chat mini games and custom smash content!! ⚈ tons of roles for all the fun! ⚈ SMASH EMOJIS FOR DAYS!!! ⚈ Events streamed to Twitch, and uploaded to Youtube. ⚈ A HIDDEN GAMES TAB??!?!

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TMR’s Galaxy✨
This is TMR's Galaxy, it's themed galaxy because i love space! the server isn't really about me (TMR) i just named it that because I'm the owner. this server has many pusheen emojis because i love pusheen!. Don't know what a pusheen is? Pusheen is a drawn cat on youtube, search it up! This server also has a custom bot, it's in beta so it's named Testerz and isn't online 24/7 yet! Thanks for reading, we hope you join!

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Discord ufficiale di Il progetto nasce nel 2008 su YouTube come primo community channel italiano e si espande sulle principali piattaforme social nel corso degli anni. Dal 2019 amplia la sua presenza con la creazione di un sito web, per trattare a 360 gradi gli approfondimenti e le principali novità del mondo dei videogiochi, con l'obiettivo di diventare un punto di riferimento per i giocatori italiani.

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- Gets Free Subs, comments and likes For your YouTube Channel - Self Promotion Channels are also available For everyone - Our Server is selfbot less - Join For Unlimited Subs, Likes and comments - Paid Promotion is Also Available at cheap price - Grow Your YouTube Now !!

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This discord is full of sarcastic but fun and really supportive people that have fun game channels like pokemon and have community movie and gaming nights to get the whole discord together for some fun as well as private gaming servers and places for you to advertise your own social media, youtube and twitch!

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The official RADAL discord server, we were in RADAL's "DISCORD IN 2021" video.

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Welcome to my server this server is based on gaming ,movies and friends to chill with , Mostly to support my YouTube channel and to interact with people

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lavcy's server
uhh, hi. server of youtuber Lavcy. 18.2k subscribers , will upload soon. lots of emojis, from anime to social. uhm, also gaming , we can make lots of cool stuff happen if the server is active, i guess, i think. so yeah, please join.

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Mage & Bandit Squad
👋Hi! This is the official Mage & Bandit Discord Server! Here you will find an awesome community of 🎮gamers, 📸influencers and much more! ➕ 1. Our server includes ✨level up✨ roles that unlock extra perks! 2. Tons of ✅Reaction roles 3. Tons of 💬Text Channels to fit all your chatting needs about everything! Including 🎮Gaming, 🧙‍♂️Anime, 💪Fitness, 🏕Camping, 🎨Art, 💻Tech, 😸Animals, 🍔Food and much more! 4. 🤣Meme channel with Dank Memer bot commands 5. Wide range of 🤖bot commands 6 ➕ More!

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