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PlayNoPay - Serwer Minecraft
Psst! Witam serdecznie, chcielibyśmy przedstawić wam serwer PlayNoPay na którym panuje tryb PvP z brakiem mikrotransakcji umożliwiającym uzyskanie przewagi w grze przez jakiekolwiek wpłaty na rzecz utrzymania naszego serwera. Postanowiliśmy stworzyć swój serwer Minecraft, ponieważ bardzo fascynujemy się grą Minecraft oraz podczas rozgrywki na innych serwerach zawsze irytował nas fakt uzyskania przewagi w grze przez mikrotransakcję wspierające dany serwer...

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😍 BabesDaily😍
Daily girls, gays, trans. Everyone is welcome to join and enjoy the community server. You will find daily posts and streams on the server. 18+

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IPTG - International Public Transport Group
You can look forward to experiencing public transport, no matter if it's land, sea or air. This server also focuses on simulators like ETS2, Railworks, Garry's Mod (Metrostroi), FSX, P3D, etc. The main language is English. All countries are welcome here! Topics: -Aviation -Trams&Buses -Subways -Trucks -Railway The server is always open for suggestions from its members. Sounds interesting? You are welcome to visit us!

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Zapraszamy na największy serwer discord Legii Warszawa w Polsce oraz klubów zaprzyjaźnionych! Dyskusje, transfery, relacje meczowe na żywo, newsy, typowanie, handel biletów, ciekawostki, memy w jednym miejscu. Komentuj wspólnie z nami mecze. Do zobaczenia na serwerze.

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Celrunia_QT Femboy lewds 🔞
૮₍ ˶•⤙•˶ ₎ა Personal server dedicated to 🥺 Celrunia_QT, a femboy! 😊 ༒︎ඞ─ඞ─ඞ─ඞ─ඞ༒︎ This is a very simple server, focusing on my own art! I also talk about various topics that intrigue me, such as textiles, work, life style, etc! There are public channels that you can chat in as well. ༒︎ඞ─ඞ─ඞ─ඞ─ඞ༒︎ No toxicity or underage users allowed! 18+ only! ༒︎ඞ─ඞ─ඞ─ඞ─ඞ༒︎ Skirt Bed Plushy Femboy Shaved Smooth Cute Athletic LongHair LGBTQ Trans Gay eGirl eBoy Sissy Muscle Silly Comfy Pale

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High school & College Essays HELP
🌟 Welcome to our incredible Essay Help Oasis! 🚀 Need assistance with essays, research papers, theses, blog posts, dissertations, or any academic venture? Look no further! 📚 Our seasoned tutors are armed with the knowledge and skills to transform your work into academic excellence. 🌈 Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your grades to new heights! 🎓 Join our vibrant community now and let's embark on a journey to academic success together! 🚀✨ #EssayHelp #AcademicExcellence #JoinUsNow

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Homework Solutions
Calling all college students! Elevate your study game and transform your academic journey at the premier hangout spot tailored just for you! 🚀 📚 Our team of expert tutors is ready to guide you through the intricacies of essay writing and conquer those challenging online tests and quizzes. Say goodbye to academic struggles and hello to soaring grades! 💸 Experience the luxury of student-friendly rates because we believe in providing top-notch support without breaking the bank.

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Kawasaki's Bazaar
Hey I'm Kawasaki and this is my Bazaar! Here you can find: ➨Skyblock coins sold up to the price of 0.03$ per million coins✅ ➨Sell your Skyblock coins for a great price✅ ➨Buy and Sell Minecraft accounts at great prices✅ ➨100% legit coins made through farming✅ ➨Method of Transferring coins is undetectable, safe and wont get you banned.✅ Join Us and improve your skyblock experience now!

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Welcome to Wizzy | Market Wizzy Market is a vibrant community dedicated to facilitating safe and secure trading experiences for all members. Our server strictly adheres to Discord's Terms of Service to ensure a positive and respectful environment for everyone. We prioritize fair and transparent transactions, and our team is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity. We follow Discord's Terms of Service to the letter, ensuring a compliant and enjoyable experience

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MW3/WZ sᴇʀᴠɪᴄᴇ ʙᴏᴏsᴛɪɴɢ
🚀 Amplify Your Gaming with MW3/WZ Service Boost! 🚀 🎮 Ranked Multiplayer Boosting! 🔥 Ranked Warzone Boosting! 🔫 Camo Services! 💰 Secure Account Transactions! 🙌 Ranked Operator Skin Guaranteed! ⚔️ Ranked Weapon Skin Guaranteed!

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