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BDSM Social
We're a growing BDSM community. Laid back and supportive. (Don't come looking for hookups!) It's a place where kinky people of all experience levels can form friendships, find advice and support, and grow together. LGBT friendly. Kind and respectful new server! Join our family!!

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ur mom gay
A server for lgbt/nonbinary people and every person (even heterosexual) interested in this topic. Features: - roles assigment (sex, gender, pronoun, sexual and romantic orientation) - text channels - voice channels - fun and music bots - cool community We make this place better and better everyday. We'll keep doing it forever. We are always opened for suggestions. We meet your all requirements. And we love you all. <3

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g e m u
Welcome to g e m u ! A community made for those who enjoy gaming, anime and much more! We are LGBTQ+ and furry friendly, have bots for your entertainment and a separate NSFW and dating section (18+ ONLY!). We host giveaways for every milestone we reach and we're always up to play some games or discuss anime. Join us!

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Dead Memes
Welcome to the Dead Memes Discord! We are a LGBT friendly discord looking for more members from New Zealand and Australia to play PC Overwatch, share dank memes and join in on our Skribblio and Cards Against Humanity nights! 18+ please!

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LGBT Kittens
LGBT Kittens is a fun, open, and friendly community. We allow any to join no matter sexual preference, gender, or anything else. Here some other things we have: -Movie Nights -Game Nights -Lots of Roles -Support Chats -Minecraft Server -NSFW Section -And more!

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The Demon Ravenclaws
Hello Ladies And Gentlemen, My name is Renzor Obsidian! And, I am a alternative person! I love Video Games, Metalcore, And Anime! And, I am looking for people who are interested, in the same things i am! And, would love to join my community! This isnt really a gaming server! But, I do have a gaming channel! And, It would be highly appreciative if you came and support me on my gaming channel! Or my discord server! ◆MUST BE 21+ ◆LGBT FRIENDLY! ◆NON TOXIC & CURSE WORD SERVER! ◆MUST BE ALTERNATIVE! [EMO, PUNK, OR GOTHIC] ◆REGION/ USA ONLY!

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The Playground Of The Succubus
🔥The Playground Of The Succubus 🔥 Welcome to The Playground Of The Succubus! 💙 We are a growing community that has a focus on BDSM, Hypnosis and Gaming! 💙 We are a consensual non consent server 💙 18+ server 💙 LGBTQIA+ friendly server All are welcome to join (as long as you're 18+ lol) Whether you want to lose your mind, allow someone to relax or have a bit of kinky or non kinky roleplay there's always a place for you. So why not leave your mind at the door and join the fun today!

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NSFW server for LGBTQ adults. Many rooms to choose from. You must be at least 18 years old to chat.

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Inclusive Gaymers
Hello, this is my first public server. It's a friendly place for lgbtq+ folk to chat and play. We have fun bots and are open to suggestions. This is a sfw place. Despite the name, you don't have to be a gamer to join.

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Crystals of Eden
Islamic learning server. It is women oriented but men are welcome to join, as well as individuals of different religions. LGBTQ are also welcome, and we only ask that you follow the rules and seek to learn. Don't be a toxic potato, or you will be kicked. Though the main purpose is to learn about Islam, you may teach us about different religions. Please do not proselytize.

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