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Between The Lines
Are you a book-lover and/or obsessed with art? Want to share your love for writing with the world? Need a safe and loving community while doing it? If so, Between The Lines may be the perfect fit for you! We are a new and safe 14+ server for poets, writers, painters, and other artists alike. Join us for a loving and accepting community!

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Golden Funhouse
AN NSFW community, we got femdom, tomboys, muscle babes, furries and many more kinks and fetishes, we're furry and LGBT friendly come join us.

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Social Isle
Social Isle is a well rounded community // Helpful and active staff // Social // Not NSFW // LGBTQ Friendly// Chill and laid back // Chatty // Levels and color roles //Partnerships // Not toxic Channels for your Interests such as: Anime // Movies and tv shows // video games // Hobbies // Real life experiences **

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Unsere Server Sprachen: Deutsch/Englisch Server Kategorie: schwul, gay Unser schwuler discord server hat sich auf hochwertige, heisse Bilder und Videos von Twinks und Maennern spezialisiert, aber auch Chats, c2c Anfragen und Wettbewerbe lassen keine Langeweile aufkommen. Weiterer Schwerpunkt sind Fussball und Fussballer. In Gedenken an

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Dreamhouse .𖥔 ݁ ˖ִ ࣪
ᰔ currently searching for active members from all over and server staff! ୨୧ open to partnerships! join us and open a ticket! ∘•········ʚ ♡ ɞ ········•∘ 。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。Immerse yourself in the comfort of our Barbie-themed cafe ambiance!! ―୨୧⋆ ˚ if you're a loner, writer, reader, SWIFTIE, or book lover and want to make new friends and talk music then this is the place for you! ―୨୧⋆ ˚Active and inclusive community with rules against harassment & bigotry! BLACK & LGBTQ+ owned, chill staff!

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Welcome to Crystal Cove! An LGBTQ+ owned Discord server. We have game nights, movie nights, a music vc, and many topics to talk about! This is a growing community and a growing server, so will you be apart of it?

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Cheerios Queerios
๑‿︵‿୨ 💓 ୧‿︵‿๑ ﹕ᕱׄ₊˚ʚ 🍭 ɞ LGBTQ+ Server!˚ ﹕・ฅ 🎀 ﹕Engaging Staff (Hiring!) 🍰 ╭╯ଘ꒰System Friendly꒷꒦ ‧˚₊ᘏ 🏩 New Community!

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PSU: Porn Star University
What we offer... - Friendly and attentive staff. - 18+ Members and characters. - Safe place for everyone. - LGBTQ+ friendly. - Not the average server where you come in new and get ignored. - OC's allowed, but real life face claims must be used. - 2 characters per member from day 1 In early 2023, a collection of adult Film studios decided to cut cost as they'd been losing money hand over fist with the introduction and popularity of a certain website where men and women alike could make their content available to their "Fans" and make more money than they ever would doing studio films. Realizing their biggest cost, besides talent, was filming location, they decided to work together and purchase the campus of a college that'd closed its doors due to the pandemic. Having turned the dorms into luxury apartment buildings for the talent to live in, they then started remodeling other buildings on campus. The cafeteria was turned into two separate fine dining restaurants. The science labs were turned into individual film studios. The fraternity and sorority houses were used as filming locations as well. With each studio still working in its own genre, the talent is under a blanket contract and may guest star in other studios productions. After getting all the buildings redesigned and ready to open, they needed a name, and what better name than PSU... or Porn Star University.

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The Rings of Hell
you think this will sell our server to roleplayers? 'Welcome to the Rings Of Hell! This is a Roleplay focused server. We have roleplay events and are newly started! We are a mix of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. Our server encourages OCs and has a combat system. We plan to have art events and an oc of the month. Our server is a safe space for those who are part of the LGBTQ+ and is still constantly updating as both shows continue!

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AL2 - Nsfw/Media/Chat
🎉 Welcome to AL2 🎉 We are primarily a NSFW focused server Offering media and other fun activities We accept people of all kinds here and are LGBTQ+ and Furry friendly 🏳️‍🌈🦊 We have categories for Yiff/Hentai/Irl ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛ 💖 Friendly and helpful staff 👋 Friendly and active users 🎨 Pronoun/Sexuality/Color roles 🐸 NSFW Memes and OC channels 📈 Upvoting and leaderboard system 🔎 Reverse image searching to help find sources

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