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Attack on Titan Hub
Join the Attack on Titan Hub server! We are a two year old Discord community server for Attack on Titan, and its fans! Your source of information for all things AoT related! We provide chapter and episode leaks as well as the official ones. Come watch, read, chat and talk with us, all about it! On top of that, we also have general, off topic channels, game and music bots, and a leveling system!

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Romania / Gaming / Community

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The Depths of Tartarus
We'd like to welcome you to our small community of role-players and nerds alike! -We have a D&D based roleplay for people to enjoy and create stories with other players, instead of a DM ruling over the world. -Players start at Level 8 and a server homebrew element exists called Hardlight! -The start is a floating city referred to as "The Hub" with all sorts of different people to come across! -We have a unique questing system that rewards players with magic items and larger amounts of gold!

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