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ADHD&D is a safe space/lfg server for players of Dungeons & Dragons with ADHD (or other neurodiverse!). We help recruit and host your campaigns with a schedule reminder bot. We also have places for discussions, beginners, sharing art, and more! Also, join our subreddit, r/ADHDnD!

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~|The RP Corner|~
Are you currently looking for a server that had a friendly and social community, that not only welcomes new and experienced role-players, but also teaches people how to role-play? Then |The RP Corner| is the perfect server for you! Not only do he have free roam role-plays and themed ones, but we have a whole category dedicated to new role-players! With that being said, come check out our fun corner today!

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Brandos Kingdom
JOIN BRANDO'S KINGDOM: We are a friendly welcoming gaming and social community. A chill group for anyone interested in gaming or technology or if you want to just hang out and meet new people. We are 420 friendly and come from Pc. Active Chats talk to everyone both guys and girls! We offer cool and fun emotes to use! We offer tons of active voice channels! Everyone is welcome here.

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