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~*Sex Magick Connection Nexus*~
A freshly created 18+ NSFW server for practitioners of and those interested in Sex Magic. Join and socialize with each other, share pictures of yourselves, get a tarot or rune reading, play with our magick bots, perform spell workings together (of both the sfw and nsfw sort...), view personal ads to find a sex magick partner in-person, and much more.

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shreddex: debation / NSFW
#﹒debation server, - fun extraordinary bots to play with - organized (well, kind of) channels & categories - debation tournaments #tournaments - also has prizes: depending pls invite friends when considering to join as well :P !!

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Return 2 The Womb
A mom-son incest server. You can share your fantasy you have about your mom, nobody will judge here .Chat, Share gifs/pics, watch mom-son porn via stream.There is also a section for general porn and other incest-fantasy

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