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С прибытием в Imperium! Наш проект предоставит Вам площадку для приятного времяпрепровождения как в нашем discord-сообществе, так и на игровых серверах проекта. Основное направление нашего дискорда — поддержка игровых серверов SCP:SL. Также имеются отдельные чаты и разделы для других игр, в котором наши участники могут кооперироваться между собой и проводить вместе увлекательное время в различных играх.

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Petal Talk
Just a place to hang out (hopefully take all your troubles away), listen to music, or meet new people.We have very helpful and supportive staff, we look forward to meeting you.

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This is a discord server the Instagram page @omnivores.mp4. We are friendly and we also send memes!

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Trivskins Trading
Trivskins Trading is a CS:GO trading community built on honest and fast trades. We boast active members and a feature rich trading bot. Come check us out!

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RWBY Fan Server
A super casual, fun, community-based RWBY server. Join us as we share our favorite fanarts, fanfics, gifs, clips, you name it! We have dedicated channels for RWBY-related discussion as well as off-topic casual chat, and much more! We have just added Daily Question and Weekly Discussion prompts as well, and are doing occasional giveaways! Join your favorite character's team (or teams!) and rock their signature color as you chat.

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People are always bored, that's why I created this server, so we can cure that boredom and have fun with others. We are friendly community that supports everyone :). We want to connect weebs, gamers, youtubers and other people!!

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NoName Project
NoName Project - сервер, о котором никто не знает. Но это не мешает проекту жить и потихоньку развиваться.

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Bedlam & Beyond
Bedlam & Beyond: For those who don't belong/fit in, the depressed, isolated, nervous, forlorn, lonesome, clinically miserable, invalids, interlopers, the debilitated, loners, rejects, freakish geeks, misfits, the wretched, outsiders, the marginalized, unwell, depressive realists, dregs of society. On the subjects of depression, mental illness, isolation, anxiety, autism, agoraphobia, schizophrenia, OCD, disorders, bipolar, asperger's. 18+ but safe for work

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NylaPop's Illegal Sugarcane Dispensary
NylaPop's Illegal Sugarcane Dispensary is a hangout for gamers and Discord's most DANK memers who like to chill and have a good time. The Dispensary is a place where you can meet other gamers and streamers, make new friends, form a squad, or have a judgement-free place to hang out. If you're single and ready to mingle, you can even find yourself a hot date. 💘 Oan, we love buying crap, irrelevant selfies and trash memes. Shit-posting & ad spam welcome. 👌🏽

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Join the fucking server

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