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The Wolf Pack Clan
Always United - Never Divide! The Motto we were founded upon 15 years ago that started our Tight Knit community! We are a group that focuses on Community, and Role-playing We also Do LOTS of Literate, slow pace Role-playing. We also have our own OC Lore filled Multi verse. Check out website for RP details! Server ran by a long standing Dedicated Staff team.

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Furry BDSM & Kinks House (18+)
Adult furry community server centered around bdsm, master-slave, chastity, femboy, diaperfur, cock-ball and other kinks under the same umbrella. Lets talk about our kinks and desires not just limited to arts and roleplay but to in real life activity and lifestly.

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Rysy's House of Pleasure
18+ Server | Community centered | Kink channels | Themed RP channels | Secured selfies channels | Custom emojis - /// - Welcome to Rysy's House of Pleasure! Here, you will be able to share your own art, roleplay in themed channels and post all of your kinks in a friendly and welcoming community! We also have custom emotes, and plan on having many more! "Come for the porn, stay for the people!"

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The largest 18+ BDSM pet-play themed server on Discord!

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Anime Addicts UwU
Heya and welcome to my server! This server is all about ANIME! xD Soooo if you're an anime addict like me, this is the place for youu uwu

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Medieval Discord
Discord Medieval Realistic Roleplay 📜Realistic alternative history 💰Economy ⚔️Paths (Peasants, Soldiers, Clerics, Merchants and Nobles) 🤖Unique custom-made bot with: 🏷️Stuff like a character creator ⚔️Combat ❤️Health ⭐XP System(custom) 👮Friendly staff and detailed rules 💕Welcoming community and active VC as well as OOC chat 🎲Frequent small and large scale events! 🎵Medieval Music bot Medieval Discord's lore is set in 12th century Europe but with a twist!

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Gintama RP
Hello! We are a brand new sever for canon, literate Gintama RP! This is a lax environment where you can step into the shoes of your favorite member of the Gintama cast and practice your writing skills with other active fans! Due to the nature of Gintama's humor and themes, this sever is only for those aged 16+. We are canon only and do not accept OCs.

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The Depths of Tartarus
We'd like to welcome you to our small community of role-players and nerds alike! -We have a D&D based roleplay for people to enjoy and create stories with other players, instead of a DM ruling over the world. -Players start at Level 8 and a server homebrew element exists called Hardlight! -The start is a floating city referred to as "The Hub" with all sorts of different people to come across! -We have a unique questing system that rewards players with magic items and larger amounts of gold!

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Yaoi // Geeks
We're an active 18+ Yaoi and Gaming community. Join in and be part of the fun~ • Yaoi, bara, furry, and shounen-ai channels • Artistic/creative channels & art contests to enter • Movie & anime nights (some cross-server events too)! • Games times like Cards Against Humanity and D&D • 8200+ members and growing daily, with active staff

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༄The spaceship does not always go forward, it orbits around.༄ To join rthe RFA or Mint Eye is your choice. Will you step into our magical world of stories and discover things you've never dreamed of? Welcome to the Mystic☻Messenger discord server! A fairly new server, hoping to create a positive community with roleplay and casual chatrooms! In this server, you can claim a VIP canon character, or roleplay as that character in a separate roleplay channel even if the role is taken! With an aesthetically pleasing interface, you can claim fun roles to define yourself from the rest of the members, and get custom roles for nothing at all. You can express and show your talents in the cosplay, art, writing, and other interest-based channels! If you need help with getting on a route, we have a channel for that too! We are currently looking for moderators and VIP characters, so check in with us if this seems like something you would like to do. Other features include: -Venting channel -Two OOC chats -Server navigation help channel -Unlimited customizeable roles -Welcoming and active staff -Headcanon, self-promo, memes, and selfie channels -Character auditions -Character-auditions-not-required roleplay chats -Bot spam channel so you aren't always bombarded with useless notifications ✰ Please consider stepping in for a cup of tea, and maybe stay a while! for now, farewell. ✰

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