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Developer Advertising
→ Welcome to Developer Advertising! ← Do you need help on our bots or a place to advertiser, make sure to join the server! - We have premium features too! So, what are you all waiting for ... → Join Our Support Server Now! ← → What We Provide ... ← • Public Bump Bot - • Multi-Purpose Public Bot - • Advertise your ads • Partnering • Premium Features

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tHoR's Squad®
______________| tHoR's Squad |_________________ Welcome to the tHoR's Squad server Some main highlights of the server is listed below 1. Daily giveaways like Discord Nitro, Netflix Prmemium, Amazon Prime, NordVPN, Spotify Premium, __Hammers__ and many more 2. Hammer is our official bot currency which can be used to buy many precious things listed above! 3. We have Two official bots - 1st bot is for general purpose and Hammers FarmiNG things - 2nd one is official MODMAIL Bot join us!

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Global Advertiser
Hey!!! Welcome to Global Advertiser or GA for short. The server that lets you Advertise you server links in many channels. But whatever you do in the server must follow all rules as well as discord rules itself. Global Advertiser was made on the 10th of December and we are associated with Discord but we do have our own TOS! We are also a growing Discord advertising server. Make sure to join/advertiser and grow!

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