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NEWS and POLITICS for anything politics related free speech many news channels to keep you up to date and a lot of debate chats

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Sir Izaak's Gummy Trap 21+
MOST ACTIVE Diverse Global Social Cannabis Community for those seeking a online cannabis sanctuary. Our Motto is "Never Smoke Alone" so we do our best to ensure that 24/7 there is someone to talk to in chats. We help bring stoners together from all over the world for mental health, by providing a resource for non-hostile social engagement. Cheers! Much Love to the GummyTrap!!! ------Welcome to the Dankest Place on Discord------- -We provide a non-hostile, drama free, online sanctuary for cannabis smokers all across the world -Helping people come together and interact with each other via voice and video chats. We call it,"The Virtual Couch"

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Lost n Banned™
As the number one server in England, we allow freedom and reward loyalty. There's not much we don't do. There's no community like us, as you'll soon find out. Join us for a laugh or go be a loser somewhere else.

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☕ YourSocialHub ☕
Amusing chats! Loving community! Constant giveaways! Enjoyable movie nights (on us)! Outstanding 24/7 ad-free uninterrupted music streaming! The most incredible community on the entire internet! Already 900+ members and always growing! Absolutely astonishing staff! Beefy moderation! Impressive bots! Voice Channels! Unique Roles!

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Digimon Tamers : Daybreak
Strange happenings have been going on in the real world. The cause of which is unknown. Many Digimon have appeared and gone rampant, only to leave with no repercussions of their rampages. In response, an organisation called "T.S.A.R" has been formed, recruiting Digimon Tamers from around the globe to fight back against this despair. This server is a brand new Digimon Tamers based server, giving the members freedom of choice. Join T.S.A.R and save the world, or go Rouge and destroy it.

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vR Gaming
[German Discord Server | Deutscher Discord Server] Der deutsche Discord für den wahren Gamer! Brandaktuelle Gaming News, free Games und Gewinnspiele lassen jedes Gamerherz höher schlagen!

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The Soviet Union
Hey you! Do you want a server that is infinitely more versatile? Do you like to have fun? Do you like freedom and openness? Well join us here in the Soviet Union! We have bots, a military, secret service, much more! Give us a try! If you can't find what you want to see here, then suggest it!

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Neko Nyan
Welcome to Neko Nyan, a new server for the lovely nekos out there. We’re a fun and friendly drama-free community dedicated to everything nekos as well as other types of pet play. There are sections to learn more about pet play, pet and ddlg/mblb role-play, extensive bots, music, VC, and an active general social area with self-assignable roles, emotes, and leveling. We have 18+ age verified NSFW and kink channels.

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Votes: 261
Musical Dream
This Discord server is made for music enthusiasts to share their favourite music, discuss about music related topics and listen along to music with others. Everyone in this server shows a passion for music and we hope you will enjoy your stay, discover some new great artists and maybe even make some new friends through this community! ♡ Welcoming community of over 100 members ♡ LGBT and female friendly ♡ Free advertising for loyal members ♡ Progression roles ♡ Music bots and music channels

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Kitty's Play Place <3
Welcome to Kitty's Play Place! We're a new server, with plenty of things to do. We have memes, games, hentai and more is soon to come! If you want a welcoming and accepting community, feel free to waltz right in! ~Hellkitty

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