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「 ❀ 」 · Astra
Friendly and Relaxed Otaku Server. Enjoy yourself while making new friends. We appreciate artwork so feel free to share~~

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NylaPop's Illegal Sugarcane Dispensary
NylaPop's Illegal Sugarcane Dispensary is a hangout for gamers and Discord's most DANK memers who like to chill and have a good time. The Dispensary is a place where you can meet other gamers and streamers, make new friends, form a squad, or have a judgement-free place to hang out. If you're single and ready to mingle, you can even find yourself a hot date. 💘 Oan, we love buying crap, irrelevant selfies and trash memes. Shit-posting & ad spam welcome. 👌🏽

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jocyAnime Discord server, here you can free talk and meet people and you can talk about your favorite anime, also, we have a level system with roles, commands and voice channels. If you're an artist and you have level 3+ in the server you can share your draw, video or song.

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Free teen chat for teens 13 - 19 only. Fun community of teens for teens.

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Free teen chat for teens 13 - 19 only. Fun community of teens for teens.

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Nameless Debates II
The central conceptual theme here at Nameless Debates is an overwhelming focus on the free exchange of ideas, opinions, critiques and compliments that emerges from the sort of open dialogue that we love to promote on this platform. The aim of this server is to preserve an open intellectual medium for members to discuss their political, philosophical and religious positions, examine their worldview and to debate the most pressing questions. Drop by and teach us a thing or two.

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FVME is a social server aimed at 13-18 year olds, but feel free to pop in no matter what age you are. We feature a respectful and inclusive community where you can have fun, make friends and meet others. We also have dating and gaming channels.

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Sir Izaak's Gummy Trap 21+
MOST ACTIVE Diverse Global Social Cannabis Community for those seeking a online cannabis sanctuary. Our Motto is "Never Smoke Alone" so we do our best to ensure that 24/7 there is someone to talk to in chats. We help bring stoners together from all over the world for mental health, by providing a resource for non-hostile social engagement. Cheers! Much Love to the GummyTrap!!! ------Welcome to the Dankest Place on Discord------- -We provide a non-hostile, drama free, online sanctuary for cannabis smokers all across the world -Helping people come together and interact with each other via voice and video chats. We call it,"The Virtual Couch"

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List n Find just about anything here! - Advertise almost Anything! - Social Media - Websites - Servers - Services - YouTube - Twitch and more!

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Queer Hell 18+
Welcome to Queer Hell, we're an LGBTQIA+ server that is here to create a fucking fun, free and welcoming community! We're still a small server but we're looking forward to welcoming all you motherfuckers and become great friends. No bullshit is allowed but feel free to curse like crazy :D

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