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Club Literotica (nsfw) WELCOME TO: Clubli🖊erotica(nsfw) 🔥🖊a public erotic roleplayground 🔥🖊 quality over quantity 🔥🖊 Adult 18+ literature 🔥🖊Find other erotic roleplayers based on your taste & preferences 🔥🖊Develop extended storylines 🔥🖊fun creative sexual writing 🔥🖊or straight fu*kery 🔥🖊The vibe's chill & respect 🔥🖊selfies 🔥🖊audios submissions 🔥🖊music 🔥🖊Live porn t.v (24/7 non stop) 🔥🖊live voice chat 🔥🖊events 🔥🖊win cas$h (up to $50

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Improvised Entertainment
At Improvised Entertainment, we're a close-knit group of creative types, remote contractors, consultants, students, and above all else - avid gamers. We make games as well as tools and assets for people to make their own games and media projects. We also help students get real world game development and asset pipeline experience. We have big dreams, so watch out ;-) This discord is for gamers to form a community centered around gaming, we are open to feedback!

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The Tavern Video Calls
Our server is for one thing: group videocall parties. We're about fun, friendship and collaboration. We talk on business and music/art/creative projects. Sometimes we just chat. Our calls are like parties, where you see and hear everyone because we're all on-cam. RULES: Face on cam Adults only (18+) Good sound

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Nighttime ☾ Arts
This server is about creativity and art. Promote and show your own art! Every art type is welcome. From drawing to singing! Share your own art and let others comment on it, to give tips or just encourage you! Getting and giving inspiration is also a bit part of our server. Thanks for reading :D ~Moongirl

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DK University of the Arts
Place for artists and creators of all kinds to network and talk about anything the main purpose behind this is for us all to eat helpful information will be sent here for everyone trying to come up particularly on the creative side.

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[ENG/EU] World of Games - Minecraft
Hey, This is a ENG/EU Minecraft server. We have our focus on Survival & Creative. We also have nice & active staff. We also have the ability for Java and Bedrock to play together. We also have a way to chat with in-game users with discord and vice versa. Java IP: Bedrock IP: Bedrock port: 25604 Server version: Latest Discord link:

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totally not a server
Welcome to totally not a server! We're a diverse community chilling out on the edge of society and the internet with our cups of tea 🍵 and good spirits. __________________\ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐ ┊ ⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊ ⋆˚          ✧. ┊          ⋆ ★ 🌸 Features! 🌸 - Heaps of bots - Reaction roles! - Accepting of all colours, races, genders and sexualities! - Venting and support channels (opt-in channels) - Daily positivity, fun facts & qotd pings - A diverse and creative community!

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CounterHawks Corp.
We are the CounterHawks. Our mission is to transform gaming and creative work by creating a positive aura. At the CounterHawks server, we do not create a new community. Instead, our goal is to unite existing communities to forge a hub where everyone can feel safe in. We have regional voice channels! We have bots that you can play around with! We have a crypto marketplace! We have custom emojis! We have advertising channels! We reward active members! We host giveaways! We accept feedback!

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Galaxia is a community that is focused on being supportive of it's members and allows for people to share their creative side whether through art or even game modding, et cetera. We do Movie/Show Nights on Sundays at 6:30 PM Eastern, JackBox Nights every Thursday at 7:30 PM Eastern and as well as Music Quizzes! We also have the following channels for more specific topic talks! Community nights with the Nintendo Switch are also being planned!

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✷ creative castle ✷
hello! we are a group of closely knit artists! our server offers : - illustration, graphic design, decorative/plastic design, and animator roles - pronoun roles! - weekly challenges we are constantly looking to expand our mod team!

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