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Arcane is a discord server where you can go to hangout with other people and chill and make loads of friends. -------WE OFFER------- 🤡A fun environment! 😝Loads of fun! 🤝A chill community! 🤖Fun emotes! 👾Gamenights! ☎️Voice channels! 💯Easy reaction roles! ☮️We accept everyone no matter what your race, sexuality or gender! ☠️We also have a zero tolerance policy against racism and harassment! - We are looking for Partners!

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Good Vibez Support
You are looking for a server : Organized, International, For Chilling, For Gaming. YOU ARE AT THE GOOD PLACE ! Welcome in Good Vibes Support! In our server, there is not rules just respect. Only Fun !!! You can meet many people, learn languages, talk, play... And do many other things ! Our server is really warm and friendly, everyone is welcome ! Our qualities ? A competent and fast staff, An active and evolving server, We are always listening to our members

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Arsenal Community Server! ┃ • Fun • Social • Gaming • Boost us!
This server is made for gaming and chilling, It's new (kinda) and for joining you get a VERY big chance of becoming an OG, Server has non strict staff, A cool owner (me), Chat might be dead but if you find it dead ping the owner, And be sure to boost us, We have a lot of perks check them out in the server, And on the last note JOIN NOW!!!!!

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Knight Riders
It's really just chatting/chilling, It's fun and you get to make friends. You can chat about games or pets or even food (lol), and as a bonus there is a contest going on in it. Whoever can figure out a name for the server will get a month of Nitro and the admin role. Winner gets chosen Friday! So, if you want to join just plz join! Come have fun!

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Crimson Hangout ;P
Recently made! Lots of gaming channels for different games Tons of anime channels for their certain anime with a manga section also somewhere you can share your theories. Has a section for spoilers if you would like so. Miraculous ladybug included. NSFW channel for those who want it if not there's other safe channels. 13-18 Cool bots and voice chats for streaming, chilling or just listening to music. Members are all nice. Studying category if you need help with homework or a peaceful place to study with your friends. Even a venting chat if you are feeling down and need somewhere to rant and meme channel to cheer you up!

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Gamers Lounge
In our server we have different types of channels, wanna game? We have gaming vcs. Wanna chillout and just hangout? We have chilling Vcs!

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Arctic Fox™
server to chill out and play a variety of games with people, just starting it so please join to fill in than you.

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psssssst. hey. >.> <.< want to join an art server? It's a place where people do three things. T-H-R-E-E They sing They draw They chill However, you don't get in if Mr. Important Man don't like ya. If that's what you're into, maybe check it out. Tell em the discord Bee sent ya.

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Offical Naruto Uchiha's Server
Our server is mainly about chilling around and chatting with others. We have many things adding into the server each day and slowly working on adding more and fixing up problems. We had fun making the server and talking with the current members here. Some nights we talk in voice chats and even if it's quiet sometimes, it can be fun. People stream there games often too. There are channels for memes, art, role-playing, waifus and more! We are really welcoming too!

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Hi were a new discord server trying to have fun we focus mostly on anjme,gaming sports,social and chilling please consider joining us hope to cya there.

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