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Jason's Community Server
Welcome to Jason's Community Server! This is a server where you can hang out with your friends and have a great time! We also make fun YouTube videos sometimes and do a bunch of giveaways. The owner is super cool and is always willing to hang out with all the members and have a good time with everyone. This group is the best, most fun, and chill group you will see!

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Bad Girls Club
Heyy, ♡ welcome to Bad Girls Club♡ Here's what BGC can bring to the table: ★ Fight Nights, Fun Events. ★ Chill Mods, Not Much Rules. ★ Active Server. ★ Playful Bots. ★ Often Events, Always Something To Do. ★ Semi-Toxic. ★ Looking For Mods/Staff. ★ BOOST AND INVITE! This server is a packing server and reading. We have fight nights every Friday, and events every night.

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La casita de los juegos
La Casita de los Juegos acoge fans de todos los rincones del mundo de los video-juegos que quieran hablar de sus aficiones favoritas y de la vida. Ofrecemos un espacio seguro libre de cualquier tipo de discriminación, odio y toxicidad, para que te sientas con la misma comodidad que en tu casa.

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