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join Game dev
🎲join indie 2d game development🖐🌎 🎮project #2, codename: mousehole (prison break)🥇 we need following skills: 💻programmer🖥 🎨2D artist 🎼music and 🔊sound efx (composer)🎹 💌story, idea

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we need C++ programmers to work on an indie game dev project no need to be an expert, because we also teach C++ so any person with each level is accepted we also need other human resources in

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THE hub for everything Koishi Komeiji from Touhou Project! We offer: 🎩 LVL 3 boosted SFW server with 200+ Koishi & fumo emotes and stickers 💚 channels for Koishi media: images (8000+ daily posts), gifs, Koisheep, KKHTA, memes, music, videos, neko Koishi... 👁️ automatic Koishi feeds from Youtube, Danbooru, Pixiv, Twitter, Reddit and Deviantart 💛 a friendly non-toxic community where you can share your love and appreciation for the pebble!

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Numberless Digital
We are a community of developers, creators, artists, gamers and all friendly digital dwellers. We've all come together to learn from each other. No matter what level, all are welcome to join in the conversation on our server, where if there isn't a place for you we'd like to help make one.

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PaxelGames Community
Hey you, you. No you. Are you interested in joining another game development community? We are PaxelGames, PaxelGames Community. What is PaxelGames? We are an upcoming application development studio, focusing on developing idle games with pixelart style. But wait, why community? We are a community for game developing and gaming where you can socialize, share thoughts and ideas, help each other and play together on discord or anywhere else. Oh you are interested? Join us now, see you there.

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Votes: 158
Join a fun guild for programming help and talk. Python, Java, C#, Kotlin and all other languages welcome. If you need some help for your next programming project, or just want to chat about programming in general, this is the place to be.

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Votes: 48
We'll welcome you unconditionally. Unalike physical aspects or spiritual beliefs are insignificant to us. We have just started building our community now here on Discord, giving you the chance to join us and even contribute to our server! Our server gets updates on a daily basis and has frequent new features, we also host persistent and continuing giveaways as well. Our team is devoted to make you receive a pleasant experience, we're immensely passionate about what we do.

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Language Cafe
This server was created in order to bring together a small community of people who wish to learn languages and help each other study. If you feel like this would be a place for you to develop yourself and find new friends, then join us using the link :)

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Creative Developer Community
Meet great creative developers and stay in touch with the Nocomputer family to work on possible future projects. We are always exploring new technologies and love bringing like minded people together to work on crazy projects. Via this server we hope to connect with you, stay in touch and hopefully one day meet up to build something mind blown.

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We stand out from the crowd by providing safer community for all members and equal opportunity for professional collectors to share their thoughts, ideas, and even support each other values. More so, our team is made out of very talented and experienced collectors and experts (NOT FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS) that have been able to develop criteria to select and grade real and viable project out of the many frauds out there by collecting public opinion regarding projects, profiling them, and reporting

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