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FAU-G šŸ‡®šŸ‡³
Discord server made for FAU-Gā„¢ Mobile Community. The purpose of this server is to provide you news and updates about game, participate in events, get community support & team up with friends etc. The overall goal of our community is to make a friendly & safe environment where server members can engage with each other. FAU-Gā„¢ Fearless And United Guards is an Made In flag_in game developed & published by nCore Games. Proudly supporting Bharat Ke Veer

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AssSOLS is a new NFT with 4,550 unique images focusing on the backside of the Solana network. In addition to providing unique images, each NFT contains a unique background story for each model. These will be visible in the description of your NFT. Our vision is to develop and mint the gen 1 AssSOLS NFT and then create an IRL game to engage the community. As we develop it we will turn more control over to the community to create and develop the direction of the project.

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Opium Pulses
Opium Pulses is an officially partnered & verified server for gamers seeking their new online family. We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour & bizarre personalities! Since 2012 we've grown rapidly and even developed and released useful services for our members to take advantage of, you can find out more over at our website - come join the family!

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Crystal Community
Crystal Community is a server based on my YouTube channel called Crystal Music: I would greatly appreciate your stay here! ā¤ We offer: - Advertising channel - Roles for Music Producers, Developers and Creators - Popular bots like: Tatsu, Dyno, ProBot, OwO Bot and even Translator - A trained Owner (Always can help) - Nature Photography channel And much more! ā¤

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Bento Buddy
We help creators realize their goals of producing unique and exciting content for their target 3d game engine. Second Life is supported. Convert characters from one target to another, eg: Mixamo to Second Life, DAZ, VRoid, Character Creator 3, Cascadeur, Rigify, MBLab, Makehuman, it's all there and it's as easy as a 10 minute walk down mapper lane to create a custom conversion map and you're ready to animate. You can even take the animation with you. Second Life devkits, we support all major brands and if an obscure one is missing come on into the Discord and just ask, it usually only takes a few minutes to generate one. Devkit Creators, we are your new support group. You know what I'm talking about, it's time to move onto something better, we are business cooperative and we want to see you grow. Your kits will be compatible with other 3d applications, unlike what you have experienced in the past.

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A 5,000 unique NFT project with perks including annual dividends and merch. A commercial brand will be registered as a business entity. NFT holders are entitled to shareholder benefits inclusive of claimable payouts at the end of every year. This project will tie in with a company developed based on the DERK icon as a new apparels and lifestyle brand, with mass influencer marketing and charitable contributions. We aim to bridge awareness and adoption of NFTs to the general public, and encourage

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šŸŒ• (Urge is about taking up challenges that break the status quo, causing effects that matter. Things we care about: šŸ‰ Mental health šŸŒŽ Environment šŸ³ļøā€šŸŒˆ Sexuality šŸ”„ Body positivity šŸ¤œ Equality šŸ’Ŗ Empowerment šŸ’ā€ā™€ļø Relationships šŸš€ Future (Urge sets irl goals to achieve. We call them causes. The effects of these causes solve personal to global issues. Here are examples: doing a daily walk, or learning the kalimba, or going zero-waste, or developing skills. šŸŒŽā¤ļø

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We are a free trading community server that provides trading tools such as Tradingview indicators and also a telegram Trading bot that either be used to manually trade with or that you can automate trades with by using Tradingview and our or any indicator you like. This can help increase your stock profits and grow your portfolio. We are also developing tools to make trading easier such as a copy trading web app that will allow you to follow top traders/strategies with a click of a button.

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Mortality SMP
Mortality SMP NEW (JAVA SUPPORT!!): Mortality Factions Server with 50 Player Slots Welcome to Mortality SMP, a Minecraft Realms SMP Server HUB for all devices We hope to include lots of realms for people's taste such as vanilla, semi-mod, and modded. We focus on creation, warfare, trading, fun events, and much, much more!! come find out for yourself! Supported Versions: BEDROCK EDITION/PS-5/XBOX/MCPE/WIN 10/SWITCH EDITION Discord Invite link:

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Ludo AI Game World
Ludo AI Game World is the place for everyone who is interested in making great games. We are a community of indie devs, small studios, artists, researchers and gamers. Anyone who wants to discuss the creative process, learn the latest dev tools and keep on top of cutting edge artificial intelligence models and how they impact game development.

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