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Clipstone Craft - Spawn do /wild, Adventure anywhere u want and create a team! πŸ‘ͺ Crossplay - Play on any device. πŸ† Teams - Team with your friends. βš”οΈ PvP - Fight other teams. πŸ’» Discord - Discord Server 🌳 /Wild

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Join a fun guild for programming help and talk. Python, Java, C#, Kotlin and all other languages welcome. If you need some help for your next programming project, or just want to chat about programming in general, this is the place to be.

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Dawnchill Productions Discord
Hello there! Are you interested in game design and development? Well then our studio may be the right place for you! Whether you’re a new artist or an advanced writer hunting for a new story to tell, we have positions for everyone at every level!

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Language Cafe
This server was created in order to bring together a small community of people who wish to learn languages and help each other study. If you feel like this would be a place for you to develop yourself and find new friends, then join us using the link :)

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Koishi Union
THE largest community about Koishi Komeiji on discord! ?| LVL 3 boosted SFW server with 500 Koishi emotes + 60 stickers ?| Koishi media channels: images (15.000+ daily posts), gifs, Koisheep, KKHTA, memes, music, videos, 24/7 Gensokyo radio... ?️| automatic Koishi feeds from Youtube, Danbooru, Pixiv, Twitter, Reddit and Deviantart ?| active and inclusive community (over 2k messages per day), regular events and many useful bots

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Dead By Devs
Dead by Devs is a Dead by Daylight based discord server. We're a community full of like-minded individuals who want to bring as many people as we can into our great community! The Dead by Devs community is very welcoming and friendly towards each person that joins. Our conversations vary between random, serious, and of course, Dead by Daylight related conversations! What do we have? - 6000 + members - 30 server boosts - Tournaments - Giveaways - LOTS of great emotes - SWF & KYF ping roles

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we need C++ programmers to work on an indie game dev project no need to be an expert, because we also teach C++ so any person with each level is accepted we also need other human resources in

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join Game dev
?join indie 2d game development?? ?project #2, codename: mousehole (prison break)? we need following skills: ?programmer? ?2D artist ?music and ?sound efx (composer)? ?story, idea

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Creators Collaboration Corner
Our community is meant for creatives and creators with all types of skill sets to come together and share ideas, receive feedback, collaborate on projects, network, and even look for work/freelancers. Our server is diverse in skills and occupations from programmers, game developers, 2d/3d artists, composers and musicians, animators, and architects to project managers, marketers, and more. The goal of our server is to have a friendly and helpful community where people can not only find others in the same field as them to learn and progress in their career or hobby but also for people to broaden their knowledge by learning from others in fields they may not know much about. We encourage questions, critiques, feedback, and community engagement and involvement. When requested, we offer contests for peer review and feedback, workshops from members who are willing to share their experiences, and other events for members to engage and network with each other.

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software engineer
Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand ......... coding$ programming$ C++$ software$ android$ apk$ web-dev$ C#$ javascript$ java$ rust$ projects$ application$ education$ help$ chill$ chat$ VC$ community$

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