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Musicians and Enthusiasts
Musicians and Enthusiasts was created as a space for 18+ music lovers to come together, network, and inspire. Get in here and have a good time with us. We have members music channels, practice reminders, qotd, games, and more! 《 Community 》 Collaborate with other music artists, get feedback, join a band, or just chat with us about your day! 《 Member Music 》 We have dedicated channels for all your music productions. Share your page, new releases, singles, and covers! 《 Entertainment 》 Listen to other music artists and get involved in our weekly VC events and monthly challenges! 《 Resources 》 Get practice reminders, support, browse our resource channel, and learn from one another!

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K-pop lovers trends and news about music and fashion daily Voice chats do Karaoke together

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only for science lovers if you wanna be a instructor/helper/teacher then here is a good starting point

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♱ Do you love anime? ♱ Do you love Hentai? ♱ Do you love to post Hentai? 》 Then this Otaku culture Hentai server is for you!! ♱ Daily Hentai drops by the owner ♱ Hentai video section ♱ No furries ♱ Mudae, Astolfo, and owo bots ♱ Reaching level 100 with arcane in server rewards 1 year of free Nitro! This is a Hentai/anime only community server. There will be no irl media, nudes, or porn displayed anywhere in the server. This server is not for dating or roleplaying and looking for it will get you banned What are you waiting for? Join already baka!!

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Cozy Corner: Genshin Impact
Hey Travelers of Teyvat, Cozy Corner: Genshin Impact is here to provide the information, help and guidance you need for any AR (Level) Traveler. Our cool main Bot has the ability to grant the information you want or need within a blink of an eye, all you have to do is use the commands and wallah. We as Genshin Impact fans (lovers) care about the presentation of the given information. We even care to daily change our Server's Avatar!

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Beyond Cultivation™
The mission and goal of this server is to share your knowledge and love for cannabis with others! We hope to create a fun and unique community of cannabis growers, smokers, and those that feel as if they fit within our realm (i.e Mycology, Brewing, etc). It should be noted that laws surrounding cannabis and mycology may differ from country to country or state to state.

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The Grom is a new, fast growing & active Discord server, a lovely anime & gaming community! We mainly play SoulCaliburVI and other fighter or FPS games. Join us and discuss about artwork, animes, games or just how you've been.

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THE hub for everything Koishi Komeiji from Touhou Project! We offer: 🎩 LVL 3 boosted SFW server with 200+ Koishi & fumo emotes and stickers 💚 channels for Koishi media: images (8000+ daily posts), gifs, Koisheep, KKHTA, memes, music, videos, neko Koishi... 👁️ automatic Koishi feeds from Youtube, Danbooru, Pixiv, Twitter, Reddit and Deviantart 💛 a friendly non-toxic community where you can share your love and appreciation for the pebble!

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HelloTonka - Aether/Sargatanas
This active server was founded around the HelloTonka Twitch channel but has grown into a community of XIV players and streamers. We are primarily on the Sargatanas server [Aether Data Center]. We are new player friendly and would love to help out any way we can! We also have a Crossworld Linkshell to join. If you are a FFXIV streamer, feel free to join us! We love supporting XIV content creators!

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Matrix of Time
Welcome to people of all writing backgrounds. All Doctor Who eras are welcome! We are looking for new, active members that want to roleplay in the doctor who universe. Ocs are welcome and encouraged. No canon character applications are needed. If you love a character and want to roleplay them, we would love to have you! Join in on the fun, you won't regret it! Classic Who, New Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, EU canon, and beyond are all welcome!

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