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//w// gang
Chill server where you can talk about anything related to otaku culture (anime, manga, vocaloid, japanese games, etc) and gaming! LGBTQ friendly!

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Asian Languages Learning |Russian|Japanese|Chinese|Korean|Японский|Китайский|Корейский|Языки
Hello! This new Discord Server for learning russian, japanese, chinese language! ─ Learn japanese and chinese ─ Discussing japanese and chinese culture ─ We have an active, supportive and helpful community Сервер по изучению японского/корейского и китайского языков. - ответы на ваши вопросы по языку - дискуссии по японской, китайской, корейской культуре - отзывчивое комьюнити.

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DSiCord! Do you like Nintendo? If so, check out our Discord server! We have: • General chat • Nintendo chat with channels for all consoles! • Music • English and Japanese channels • Creativity channel • A fun time! :D

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Dentatsu Space
A chill and weeb-friendly server, non-toxic, SFW and mature community! We enjoy taking various topics like gaming, anime, music, art, IRL and Japan-related things! Managed by native Japanese speaker, people from various countries and regions have joined! Friendly staff, warm atmosphere, fun bots and a lot of emotes, leveling system and self-assignable colors and roles! Recommend 16+ years old, but everyone is welcome! Also we are looking for partnership with non-toxic servers!

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Shodo - 書道
A little server dedicated to the Japanese art of Shodo. English, Japanese, and any other users welcome here. ようこそ書道ディスコードへ!

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