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Adult Server Specialists
Own or moderate a NSFW server? Advertise it here!

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The Other Side Role Play
Congratulations you have woken up in a rift in time, here things are not as they seem. What was once friendly can be deadly and what may appear to be deadly may just save your life, or it may kill you. You along with a group of teens and young adults have just randomly woken up in this strange world In your pocket in a slip of paper with a name written on it. Is it your name or a name you need to remember? Regardless everyone here goes by the name on the paper. And most don't let others see their paper. You have no memories whatsoever but know you had a life before you woke up without memories. This place is also filled with mythical creatures and most of them are not friendly towards humans. Vampires don't want to give you a loving kiss they want to give you the kiss of death.

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Xtreme Chat
-We have Relay bots that link discord channels to other discord channels for more interaction between members. -Play your radio on our server for free and DJ the way you like! -We have a level system -We have an adult section for those that are 18+ -Create your own Room. -We allow Custom Roles -Got MANY games for you to play with others -Looking for friendly and active staff! - We use a verification bot to protect the server from raids! Verify through the bots Direct Message

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Church of Booty
We are an 18+ adult community focused on creating a safe place for people to share with each other. Fukboi behavior is banned on sight. Featuring active admins, Leveling system, role colors, self assignable roles, a bunch of bots, hot guys and girls!

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FetLife & Fandoms
ADULT community for kinksters and geeks that are 21+ residing in the USA. ✨ Casual Chat Environment ✨ Porn on Demand & Game Bots ✨ Sexy Events & Games ✨ Easy Self-Assignable Role Menus ✨ All Levels Of Experience Welcome ✨ Variety of channels for BDSM/Kink, Gaming, & Fandoms ✨ Miscellaneous Section for Hobbies & Shitposting ✨ Looking for active members & late night mods ✨ Looking to partner with other ADULT only servers

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Bow Chicka Wow Wow
Our busy little community is slowly growing more and more. We originated from KIK. But now since KIK is shutting down on 15th we have moved to Discord. Our little community is based on dirty mind, good dirty pictures, videos, selfies and more. We also have a gaming community category for all gamers. Our no bullshit policy is to weed out all catfishers or fake people and only have pure real people in our server. So why not come in and have a look around. Verification is very easy to follow.

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The Robin's Nest
The Robin's Nest is an 18+ verified NSFW server for all you dirty birdies out there. With regular OCs, events, competitions and more, The Robin's Nest is sure to keep you around!

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NSFW server for LGBTQ adults. Many rooms to choose from. You must be at least 18 years old to chat.

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18+ Chat And Friends
Our little group started out in KIK and now has moved to Discord. Our server offers nudes, community voice and text channels, female sellers, memes and more! - Real Females & Males from around the world - No Fake Or Catfishers - Verified channel's and voice - Roles - Color Roles - Music Bot

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We got lots of NSFW content
Adult nsfw

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