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The League of Endangered Oddities
A server for those who are isolated, housebound, agoraphobic, reclusive, hermetic, who are jobless and with no friends, and mostly an older crowd. Upon joining a few basic questions will be asked to ensure you are not too normal or well adjusted.

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College Friends
⭐ #1 College Discord Server ⭐ Must be 16+ to join. ⛏️┃ Have a Minecraft Server. 🏫┃College Discord server dedicated for College / University Students to chill and make some new friends. 🎀┃Have a PokeCord bot. 🎉┃ Host events like Karaoke, Movie Night, Jackbox, etc. 👋┃Feel free to join and say hi 👉 👈

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✧A New NSFW Server dedicated to cuties and horny people!✧ ~~ Meet, and make friends~~Quench your thirst for NSFW~~ JOIN NOW! ✧ Very clean, self-toggled categories ✧ Custom roles and colored roles ✧ All selfies shielded by verification

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Fame and Notoriety Advertising
Gidday and welcome to Fame and Notoriety Advertising. Feel free to promote what you want (within reason, no illegal activity, no inflammatory politics or sexual services thanks), in the appropriate channels. VIP ads at this stage reserved for friends of the owner

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Making Friends
🤜⇛⇛⇛⇛⇛⇛ Making Friends ⇚⇚⇚⇚⇚⇚ 🤛 🔥Fast-Growing Social Server 🤝Make Friends 😂Memes 👻Social Media Promo 🤖Custom Bots

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💯The Lads💯
🌠Make new friends and play games!🌠 💞Everyone is allowed in the lads!💞 ⭐Come and become a Lad!⭐ 👋Safe travels!👋

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🏰 Castel castle 🏰
Hello, This is Castel Castle we are a newly made server for anime lovers, gamers and for anyone who just wants to make friends. The owner of this server invites you! We have nsfw and sfw.

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East Side High
East Side High is a fun community of gamers. We started as a small group of 7 people meeting from the "Last Year Game" and expanded to different horror games and now catering to all genres. We meant this channel to be a relaxing fun environment for everyone to find people to play with, make new friends, and those who are just looking for people to talk to. We have an active player base 24/7 and great staff to help you out.

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Kpop Singing
💕The best kpop (K-Pop) Server which welcomes all K-Pop fans and singers alike with Karaoke events and especially, giveaways! 💕We already have over 600 emotes and high quality voice chats so dont forget to nitro boost our server 💕 🎤you can sing whatever you want here not only kpop so feel free to join and invite your friends🎤 💕you can use this link to invite your friends💕

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The Quarantine is a server for Conspiracy, Politics, Friends and Conversations. What makes us different from other discord groups is that we use a website called JumpinChat to talk to each other in a webcam chatroom, we have very friendly people from all parts of the world joining us in the journey of quarantining. Get your Hazmats ready, and come open a cold one with us!

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