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Sleep Hub 💛🌜
Make friends! Talk, chill, hangout, listen to music, watch anime/movies, play games, sleep call with anyone, moderated, active members. Friendly staff, Pub/priv voice channels, React roles, Events

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Secrets discord is a fun community, with all sorts of different people to socialize with! It is a welcoming community, with tons of fun with events, bots, and so much more! Join today to make friends and socialize with people from all over!

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Fame and Notoriety Advertising
Gidday and welcome to Fame and Notoriety Advertising. Feel free to promote what you want (within reason, no illegal activity, no inflammatory politics or sexual services thanks), in the appropriate channels. VIP ads at this stage reserved for friends of the owner

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The patting inn
A small but tight community of just about anyone. Make friends and enjoy spending time in our ever growing community! 🔹Unique Leveling system ◻️ Custom emotes (up to 100) 🔹Mainly SFW focused server ◻️ Tons of self roles (more than 100) 🔹Share pictures, anime, music and more ◻️ Fun bots such as Mudae, Dank memer and many more 🔹A positive, friendly community with helpful staff ◻️ Make your own voice channel and customize it 🔹Community engaging events such as: games in vc, watchalongs etc

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Alters & Friends
We provide a safe and welcoming DID/OSDD environment for all systems. We are a friendly and safe server for littles, support PluralKit, we are welcoming of singlets (singlets are people who do not have DID or OSDD) and LGBTQ.

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🐰 __**Playboy**__🐰 *An amusing server with fun people, that you can make friends with! We’ve got a female-male ratio 1:1 A nice mixture of girls and guys,* *can be found here.* *Everyone is welcome in our server, anyone can join at any age, our server is* **SFW.** **☾-**__**Nitro Giveaways**__ **☾-Loads of new people to socialize with!** **☾-Active chat channels and voice chats** **☾-500 Custom Emotes and custom roles!** **☾-Selfies Channels** **☾-100+ Self Roles & Colours** **☾-Fun Discord Gaming Bots** **☾-Friendly community to make new friends here with everyone!** **☾-Female to Male Ratio 1:1** **☾-Well-moderated server, no discrimination** **☾-Level Role Reward System** **☾-Economy and shop** **☾-Music, pets, memes, art and photography!** **Feel free to join us and start a new venture!🐇 ** 🔗 🔎 ⚡

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The Anime Discord
The Anime Discord is growing anime server with a focus on providing you with a place to meet new people, make new friends, and share interests! What we offer: ▸ Nitro Giveaways! ▸ Active community ▸ A Friendly Community/Staff ▸ Weekly events

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 Vortex Empire™
┏╋━━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━━╋┓ =====Vortex Empire™️==== ┗╋━━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤━━━━━━━╋┛ Welcome to Vortex Empire™️, A community server with all the fun you can find! We Offer: Strong And Strict Rules, Our rules are fair and tidy, They're strict But not much, We'd rather give our Member's their privacy and freedom. Friendly, Non-toxic Community, Our members are friendly! This is a community based server were everyone is friendly and helpful, You can make new friends and more!

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LGBT+ Community
Welcome to LGBT+ Community! LGBT+ Community is a friendly & accepting community welcoming all types of members like: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, straight, etc. You can make many new friends, earn rewards, and have fun. Before joining, make sure to have a verified e-mail. This server contains: ❤️ Many colors roles 🧡 Sexuality & romantic roles 💛 Gender & pronouns roles 💚 Friendly members and staff 💙 Music, book, art & cooking channels 💜 Many voice chats with Music Bots

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📢Are you looking for a chill, non-toxic, friendly, anime server? If you are, then this is the right server for you. Join us and meet new friends! This server offers: ✅ Anime, Manga, and Games discussions ✅ Friendly staffs and members ✅ Levelled and Purchasable Roles (we have our own bot economy) ✅ Gaming channel ✅ Bots & Games ✅ Social Media channels ✅ NSFW channel (Including Thigh channel soon) ✅ Server Events, such as Movie Nights and Multiplayer Games ✅ E-Girls and E-Boys!

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