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Grows R Us
Friendly cannabis cultivation related server. Talk everything cannabis from growing, to smoking, to making edibles or concentrates. Don't grow cannabis? That's cool to, like deep subjects, gaming or just like to laugh? Have a good conversation in general chat. New growers, don't be shy. Do you have problems? Come show us, we can help you without trying to make you feel bad about making a mistake

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Masterif Chief Halo III: Revenge of the Monkeys
The server, halo masterif chief, battleground of cool people and dumb one. Kill tad, wacky, cordate, fizzy/thea, atun, jailyene. You join server now!!!!!!!!!!! I think you don’t be dumb like tad wacky cordate fizzythea atun jailyene. Be cool like Celi massa eeger. Be respect.

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God...can you hear me... we want to debate about you ... so stay cool

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The Cum Cave
Hello! We got porn and hentai and friendly people, so come and talk. There's self roles, some cool bots with fun minigames, and of course lots of porn channels. It would be real cool if you join and say hi and become an active member, but if you're only joining for the porn there's a lot of it so if you never talk, you'll still enjoy the server. I'm always trying to make the server better, so please let me know what I can do to make it more enjoyable.

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???just join girl !!!??? a warm and friendly environment to find cool friends

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Hugo Tron
Creating solutions to the problems in this Universe. My ambition & mission is to distribute the best quality in lifestyle with a cool mindset & leadership thus with technological preferences since I have been attached to technology since I was a kid. As well as the truth, plus have fun with everyone and everything that I do, not only do I live the life I have I like to enjoy the experience, welcome to Hugo Tron world.

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the Technological PlayBoy. My ambition & mission is to distribute the best quality in gaming & gameplay’s, as well share cool mindset & leadership with truth, plus have fun with everyone and every game that I play, not only do I like to game I like to enjoy the experience, welcome to YourBoyTec world • YourBoyTec Links This is the official YourBoyTec Websites & Social links, follow us for updates & much more Discord: YouTube:

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7 Day Weekend
7day weekend is a place filled with people who only care about drama and getting personal in each other lives. it is filled with the good the bad and the worst you will never be bored. somedays you might be the target of attention and somedays you might go unnoticed. it is a very cool place with awsome event that create so much drama people leave and come back for more. please join I am trying to win an event!!!

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we are a 13+ all girl sfw server made especially to find other valorant, genshin impact and fortnite gamers! other gamers are also welcome! we offer: ✧ lots of reaction roles ✦ multiple game channels ✧ cool bots like owo, mudae, gartic ✦ celestial theme ✧ active owner, admin and semi-active chat ✦ advice channel + anonymous vent/confession channel ✧ game nights + move nights ✦ kawaii + funny emotes/stickers ✧ custom role for boosters + giveaway perks celestia`•.¸✯ is a safe space for girls ❀

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Cozy Chill Place
This is a place to make friends and hang out with cool people. We will have events that give us an opportunity to have fun together. We would love to have you so come say hi! :D

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