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Xtreme Customs & Zone Wars
Our server is a fortnite gaming community that hosts Zone Wars, Custom Matches, Tournaments and other Events. 1vs1's , looking for duo and groups, self promotion, and giveaways are also available. We have 2 music bots that will allow you to chill and listen to music while gaming. This discord has 31,000+ members and growing. Come join us!

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Xtreme Gaming & Customs
We are a Fortnite Gaming community that hosts Custom Matches, Zone Wars, Tournaments, and other big Events. 1vs1's, looking for duo and groups, self promotion and giveaways are also available. 2 music bots to listen to music with or without your friends to chill. Come join our wonderful community.

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T E E N+
Welcome to The T E E N+! We're a brand new 18+ community with tons to offer including nsfw fun with nudes and teases, bots, events, giveaways, and plenty more! Don't miss out and join now!

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My Hero Academia: Kobenhavn
MHA: DK is set in the quirk filled universe of My Hero Academia. It is part of the My Hero Academia: New York server family and is focussed on a nation on the brink of war as Russia marches across the Eurasian continent. - Play as a Hero, Student, Villain, Vigilante and many more roles. - See your characters grow and develop as time moves on, seasons passing and years going by with the events of roleplay. And more I can't fit into this character limit. You'll just have to join to see!

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Cocoa & Cream
Friendly community-based server, aiming to make your stay as comfy as possible! ALL are welcome! Includes self-assignable pastel color roles, fun bots, events, giveaways, and more. Come and chat with us over a cup of hot Cocoa & Cream!

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Anime World
NSFW, Hentai/Anime Community | Movie Nights & more A Community regarding topics and events with Anime, Manga, Artworks & More We welcome all people regardless of the gender, nationality or whatever, come and join us to be one of the cult. -Anime Channels ✔️ -Artwork Channels ✔️ -NSFW Channels ✔️ -Introductions ✔️ -Roleplays ✔️ If you may have the time, please invite your friends, thanks.

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The Wolf Pack Clan
Always United - Never Divide! The Motto we were founded upon 15 years ago that started our Tight Knit community! We are a group that focuses on Community, creating a space for those to call home and people to call family. We also Do LOTS of Literate, slow pace Role-playing. We also have our own OC Lore filled Multi verse. Plus we do Tablet top. We have lots of Server Wide events including Game nights, VC chat parties and Movie Nights. Server ran by a long standing Dedicated Staff team.

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✯ Wondering if you should join this server? What can you do here? It's main purpose is for talking, but what if nobody is around? Then we have this for you: ➣ Listen to music, on discord? Yeah, why not? ➣ Play minigames, we have many fun ones. Which ones? Hmm ➣ Get roles that describe you ➣ Use our top-quality emojis ➣ Discover our great selection of interest-based channels ➣ Level up and climb up the ranks ➣ Chat with a bot ➣ Look at this goddamn fancy description

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Resonance || HUB
Resonance est une communautés d'artistes et de spectateurs ! Pour s'amuser dans la joie et la bonne humeur. Pour les artistes(vidéaste, musicien, graphiste, ...) Le server vous permet de partager vos créations ! Aussi vous pouvez participer à de nombreux évènements (concours, challengs ...) :) Resonance fera tout pour vous accueillir dans de bonnes conditions et vous mettre en avant Pour les spectateurs Vous pourrez : - Assister à de nombreux évents et Découvrir de nouveaux artistes ^^

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Yaoi // Geeks
We're an active 18+ Yaoi and Gaming community. Join in and be part of the fun~ • Yaoi, bara, furry, and shounen-ai channels • Artistic/creative channels & art contests to enter • Movie & anime nights (some cross-server events too)! • Games times like Cards Against Humanity and D&D • 8200+ members and growing daily, with active staff

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