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Official Davie504 Fan Server! If you like Bass,Memes or Music. You'll love this server. It has caring and welcoming members. Giveaways for almost everything.

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Ministry of Strange People
Ministry of strange people : Strangely simple --- Like servers with lots of people? No? Well this is the server you're looking for. We have: - Carl-bot - Private NSFW channel - Separate streaming channel - Custom roles (coming soon!) ...and a small community of various peculiar phenomena from normies to weebs to gamers and furries that is constantly growing and you're all welcome!

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Hentai Folder
✅Strong Community ✅Age Verified Channels ✅Events ✅50.000+ Members ✅350 Emojis ✅Economy ✅Shop Roles ✅Level System ✅Waifus ✅Giveaways ✅40+ Hentai Categories ✅ Website: Hentai Folder is vast community of Hentai enthusiast and people looking to meet others in a friendly accepting environment. We have an extensive leveling system, along with a stable economy which you can spend to buy roles, waifus, gifts, and other things from user auctions

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