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Do you have urges to fight weird looking dinosaurs? Need a place to wind down after a long day to call discord home? Well look no further!! Check out our website at: ⚈ 💯600 Members! ⚈ Competitive fun Smash experience with crew battles, and more. ⚈ A CUSTOM DISCORD BOT with all the chat mini games and custom smash content!! ⚈ tons of roles for all the fun! ⚈ SMASH EMOJIS FOR DAYS!!! ⚈ Events streamed to Twitch, and uploaded to Youtube. ⚈ A HIDDEN GAMES TAB??!?!

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Haunt Is Gaming Here
Welcome to my public server, dedicated to creating a community around my streams and content! In this server, my goal is to create a friendly community who can help each other enjoy life and grow, share memes and music, and have fun in my streams! Jump in and say hi! Note: you do not have to follow me to be in this server, although it is encouraged ;)

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🌃 Niphroid City 💀
🏙Niphroids City🏙: Hello! I am a 23 year old trans variety streamer! I am just now starting on my discord! It is a chill place to hangout and make friends along my streaming journey! There will be community play dates where you can come and game with me too! That is currently in the works along with my schedule being set up uwu! I am currently sponsored by “9th Realm Apparel,” a Mythology themed clothing company that will be doing giveaways for my followers and offers 20% off their entire store for subs uwu! We’re a safe environment and friendly to all! So please come along with me while I uwu my way through games hehe! In search of potential staff as well! Activity and overall personality will determine this! Please don’t request it!

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This discord is full of sarcastic but fun and really supportive people that have fun game channels like pokemon and have community movie and gaming nights to get the whole discord together for some fun as well as private gaming servers and places for you to advertise your own social media, youtube and twitch!

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Mage & Bandit Squad
👋Hi! This is the official Mage & Bandit Discord Server! Here you will find an awesome community of 🎮gamers, 📸influencers and much more! ➕ 1. Our server includes ✨level up✨ roles that unlock extra perks! 2. Tons of ✅Reaction roles 3. Tons of 💬Text Channels to fit all your chatting needs about everything! Including 🎮Gaming, 🧙‍♂️Anime, 💪Fitness, 🏕Camping, 🎨Art, 💻Tech, 😸Animals, 🍔Food and much more! 4. 🤣Meme channel with Dank Memer bot commands 5. Wide range of 🤖bot commands 6 ➕ More!

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Just The Place
We built our community over the two years with the intent to cultivate a safe, supportive & silly place to game.  Streaming on Twitch allows more folks to find Just The Place to be themselves--which keeps me motivated to stream for us!  Our Discord Community watches movies together on Fridays, plays group games on Saturdays, & enjoys streams the rest of the week!  We are gamers, lgbtqia+, streamers, artists, readers, lurkers, veterans, parents, weebs, students & generally just caring people who

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Gamers Universe
In this server it's has been made easier to play with friends or with others in the server. We have game categories for Among Us, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, PUBG, Pokemon, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker 2 & Mario Kart 8 DX Disclaimer: The server doesn't allow advertisements for other discord servers or websites. We do have channels where you can promote your Youtube/Twitch videos and livestreams.

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Welcome to the best vibes around! We are a very open and welcoming server with a great community. Varying from different games like Fortnite, Valorant, and Cod! Come join and see what's up with The Bot Squad!

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✨ Planet Elderwood ✨
✨ Planet Elderwood ✨ Are you over 18? Do you love gaming? Would you like to be part of a fun LGBTQ+ community? Then join Planet Elderwood • Gaming – League of Legends, Genshin Impact, Animal Crossing, Sims 4 and more! • Adopt a Pet • Role Selection • Twitch Streamers • Promote Yourself • Anime • Art • Music and more! GG ♡

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Mongolaria Productions
We are a pretty active and friendly server. We have fun bot games you can do. We also have self promo channel where you promote your twitch or youtube. Come and join!

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