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Anomaly Artz | Offer or Request Services
You can OFFER or REQUEST services. We have an active community of artist on board ready to assist you. You can get all kinds of designs from - Logos - Icons - Banners - Twitch GFX - Thumbnails - 3D models & much more!

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List n Find just about anything here! - Advertise almost Anything! - Social Media - Websites - Servers - Services - YouTube - Twitch and more!

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The Video Club
Share your favorite audio & video! Promote your YouTube channel, Twitch stream, or podcast! Enjoy streaming radio, offensive memes, prank calls, & anime lewds!

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Xtreme Streamers
Discord for streamers of all types. Stop in and self promote and grow with our wonderful community. Friendly people willing to help you grow and learn more about streaming. Self promote your twitter, twitch, youtube, and instagram. You can also chill and listen to music with our music bots. Rank up and get extra perks within our community.

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Community of Gamers
We have a Area to advertise your Youtube/Twitch we have many roles you can gain when your more active we have lots of bots we have a music bot so you can listen to any music not troll music thanks

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Freeside is an amalgamation of gamers, tech geeks, and EDM aficionados. This community is home to many streamers and to ensure we all have the most fulfilling experience we apply the same guidelines as Twitch. We have a strict 18+ age policy! "Freeside suddenly made sense to him. Biz. He could feel it humming in the air. This was it, the local action."

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The Grid
Welcome to The Grid, a digital frontier! We are a gaming/sci-fi community, we also have a channel for streamers to post their streams in and offer announcements for twitch streamers! Offering free money drops on GTA V for PC! Advertising allowed!

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Holy Estia Empire
Community of gamers and anime addicts. We are supporters of our beloved leader RikuEstia We support our friends and streamers. Power of God and Anime is by our side.

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Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair is a small, active and cheerful community where you can talk about your hobbies, be it art, gaming or even furry! We host small events, giveaways and have many fun bots that you can kill time with when your new friends aren't around. We likewise have channels specifically for the advertisement of your YouTube and/or Twitch content. Hope to see you soon!

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The Foundation
A small content creation / gaming server seeing as most discord communities base their platform off follow for following we have chosen not to do so. we have instead chosen to base ours on lurking with mutual benefit this means you invest time to get time. the site we use is which is a good alternative if you don't want to go around and ask people the referral code should start you off with 10.000 gold. oh before we get you started please do check out our #role-selection and don't forget to connect you twitch account to your discord so the bot can let us know when you are live so we can share that <3 for more info feel free to @Josh_Hero#4630

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