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Hi ! I was wondering if you would like to join a discord server I’m in ! It’s a 18+ nsfw server called HELLBENT !We are determined to have a large community of friends,a chill place to hang out and play Pokémon or really anything . Positives ^^^^^^^^ -lvl 2 perks -awesome place to meet friends -more active on the weekends -large diversity there’s people from all over the world -staff is fair (kurono is rough around the edges but it’s all in good fun ^^) -lovely games to play -many voice channels -music (groovy bot premium) -lots of bots 🤖 -Chillzone Come over to HELLBENT and let’s watch the world burn together 🤯

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Mawa's Hobby Shoppe
Somewhere in the largest metropolis in Sinnoh, nestled between an assortment of imposing buildings, lies a deceptively petite hobby shop storefront. You won't find a place like this anywhere else! 18+ ONLY! TCG and General Pokemon focused discussions with card code giveaways and monthly events! Striving for a mid-sized family type community. Public only for a limited time!

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This group is for PokemonGo players and is used in conjunction with our new GoRaidGo app that allows PokemonGo players to easily host or join raids while making new friends in the process

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In Link We Trust
Welcome to In Link We Trust We're a bunch of Dudes and Dudettes that play Pokémon and other games. What have we got to offer? Glad you asked. Daily Pokémon giveaway with either a know pool or gacha system. Shiny raids and adventures Emulation help and files for playing those golden oldies. A sysbot that lets you: - Make any legal Pokémon - Get any legal item - Get eggs - Get any Ditto in any language And last but not least, Pokécord with a twist! Ever thought: 'Gosh I wish I could own

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This is Pokémon Go base community. If you need/want more friends on Pokémon Go for gifts & raids then look no further this server is for you! See everyone there!

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we are giving gta 5 (pc) and gta san andreas and gta vice city giveaway join my server and many others games like Clash of Clans Hacked Pokemon Go hacked and many others hacked or mod games and we will be also conducting surveys for Co-owner ,moderator , admin , head admin and others please join our server for any other information then contact me

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Aman Gaming
THIS server is about dance,fun,music,anime talks,pokemon talks,games talk etc.Variety of fun/interactive bots to play/pass time with and much more.So Have a great time at our server and invite your friends also.

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The Pokeresort (An RP server)
Hello! Welcome to this resort! There's so much to do here! We have: Tons of rp value Canon characters Good community! Some stuff separating us from other rp servers! Lore! One day, 2 kids lived in an apartment building. They were friends and would visit every day. One day, when they decided to come back from work to their apartment. However, they said it was closing down. So, what he decided to do, was to make it a hotel. They had to sacrifice a Yanma, and a Trapinch, but it was worth it to make the hotel. However, recently, strange things have happened here. Anyways, you come to this hotel, finding its now a resort. And, best part: This is your new home. So why not join the Pokeresort server!

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Challenger League
Start-up Pokemon server hoping to host and grow a friendly community with plans to develop a community-driven system where server members take on the roles of Gym Leaders and Elite Four, offering battles and challenges in exchange for badges. The server will 'refresh' periodically, giving everyone opportunities to act as Gym Leaders and earn fresh sets of rewards on the server.

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Welcome, Sgags' Server is a fun Minigames Community with 25+ Minigames and all your favorite bots in One place. We have Pokemon : Minecraft : Economy : Music : Memes : Utility : RPG : Rock Paper Scissors : Akinator : Skyblock : Cordchef : Country Simulator : Idle Capitalist : Doraemon : And More and more. So Join now : Additionally Have a nice day

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