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?╎Gay|Bi|Curious|+|Server For Chill, Chat & NSFW Share ?╎Hundreds Of Tribe, Stats, Kinks, Colour & Likes Roles ?╎Starboard ✊╎NSFW Self Content Sharing Channels & SFW ?╎Rate My D/A ?╎Music, Games & Custom Bots ?╎NSFW Reddit Feeds ?╎Giveaways ✅╎Photo-Verified Users (Optional) ?╎Video Voice Channels ?╎Seller Links Channel ?️╎30k+ Members ?╎…….Welcome, Have Fun!

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Join a fun guild for programming help and talk. Python, Java, C#, Kotlin and all other languages welcome. If you need some help for your next programming project, or just want to chat about programming in general, this is the place to be.

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Welcome to BILIQGAMER™ Shop Discord Server ~~Experienced & Trustworthy MMORPG Services, Since 2005~~ Games We Cover: ~Lost Ark US/EU ~Throne & Liberty Lucent KR/GLOBAL ~New World Coin AP and some US ~ WoW GameTime 60 Days Code US ~World of Warcraft SOD US and some EU, and many more trending MMOs! ~~Enjoy Your Favorite Games, and Let Us Do The Rest For You 🛒~~ Add DISCORD: biliqgamer Server:

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🍷❄🔥 Crepkaeluc 🍷❄🔥
Our server is mostly related to Crepluc, Crepkae, Kaeluc/Luckae, and Crepkaeluc from Genshin Impact, but shippers from any fandom are welcome!

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We try to provide a little bit of everything in a safe environment for everyone. We play games such as - Valorant - League of Legends - Roblox - Fortnite - Overwatch We also use and love everything about The Eurovision Song Contest!! We care about what our members want and always make sure that they feel involved, engaged and listened to. I hope to see you there, you really wont regret.

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Learn C++
Learning C++ we also recently added Rust and Python (and Java) participate in projects weekly tutorials making games and software daily Voice chats about programming

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The Cum Zone
⋆ toxic, mostly friendly + sometimes political community of degenerates, autists, schizos and gamers ⋆ low mod / anarchy server, we welcome all types of retardation, only rule is TOS ⋆ we have a minecraft server and play lots of different games ⋆ cool bots and an economy system, if you like that kinda thing ⋆ active community ⋆ nsfw channels (18+) ⋆ don't join if you're sensitive ⋆ 16+ recommended, mostly adult members

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Hiç sıkıldığın ve takılmak istediğin bir sunucu oldu mu? Cevabın evet ise istediğin zaman sunucumuzu ziyaret edebilirsin. Elimizden geldiği kadar eğlence sunmaya çalışacağız, ayrım olmaksızın herkes hoş karşılanır ve herkes davetlidir!

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Welcome to our new server called krinitymc that released in 2024,This is currently a PVP server with modes such as Kitpvp,Bedwars,Duels,Tntrun We are hoping to make this server a great server with adding more modes like Survival,Lifesteal,Oneblock,Minigames with many contents in future. IF you could support us ,we could add these sooner and make this server a great and popular server. After we got enough support we will surely make the server with all the modes included,Which mean

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GG WP Gamers
We offer professional Boosting Services for World of Warcraft Mounts / Black Market Auction House Services / Heroic and Mythic Raids as well as Mythic+ Key Boosts & AFK Power Leveling to 70. Our LFG Channels can help you find people to do content together in WoW! Use the self-promotion channel to promote you WoW-related Twitch, YouTube or Website! WoW Marketplace Channels where users can trade in game gold, or sell items on retail & Wotlk! Talk with similar minded people and enjoy giveaways!

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