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Celestia Hate Society
? ¡Cubriendo en estos momentos las últimas noticias y leaks de Sumeru! Toda la información que busques la encontrarás aquí. ? ? Nuestra comunidad tiene por objetivo principal reunir jugadores de Genshin Impact para ayudarnos entre nosotros, además de hacer amistades y discutir sobre otros juegos como Honkai Impact 3rd, Tower of Fantasy o Pokémon. ¡Cualquiera puede unirse! ? ✧ Noticias y leaks ✧ Emoticonos de personajes de Genshin que rotan ✧ Canales de otros juegos, memes y bots

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?❄? Crepkaeluc ?❄?
Our server is mostly related to Crepluc, Crepkae, Kaeluc/Luckae, and Crepkaeluc from Genshin Impact, but shippers of any fandom are welcome!

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Totally Normal Gaming Discord Server™
Hello, gamerladies and gamers! We are kind community. Who likes to play games... Like Undertale, Deltarune, Genshin, Osu... or just talk, you know! And if you don't feel like playin' anything.. that's okay! just chat and have fun! Please read the rules before going to the server! I love you! Bye.

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Heian is a SFW community server where anyone can socialize, make friends, etc... with over 900 other members. This server is multipurpose, so the topics are endless, and there are also many miscellaneous channels you can mess around with. We hope to see you soon!

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we are a 13+ all girl sfw server made especially to find other valorant, genshin impact and fortnite gamers! other gamers are also welcome! we offer: ✧ lots of reaction roles ✦ multiple game channels ✧ cool bots like owo, mudae, gartic ✦ celestial theme ✧ active owner, admin and semi-active chat ✦ advice channel + anonymous vent/confession channel ✧ game nights + move nights ✦ kawaii + funny emotes/stickers ✧ custom role for boosters + giveaway perks celestia`•.¸✯ is a safe space for girls ❀

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Spooky house of horrors
Just looking for chill individuals to join our community, Most of us play Dead by Daylight, some of us play World of Warcraft, Genshin Impact, Overwatch 2, Fallout 76, Left 4 Dead 2, Payday 2 and other stuff as well but we'd be more than happy to check out some other games, if you've got some solid recommendations! We'd be more than happy to hang out and chat as well, discuss horror movies and the occult/esoteric practices as well, maybe? Instead of wasting your time with silly words, join us

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Spooky Eos' Garden
Welcome to Eos’ Garden, a fun & relaxed place to hangout, play games, make new friends and socialize with a community full of welcoming people! 『 We offer a variety of different aspects, such as the following- 』 ✰ gaming ✰ multiple voice channels ✰ 24/7 minecraft server ✰ promotions chat ✰ sharing art ✰ (of course) LGBTQ+ friendly ✰ kind people ✰ supportive/active server staff ✰ a safe, nonjudgemental space to hangout, even if you don’t feel like talking ➳ Some games we play include but are not limited to Minecraft, Genshin Impact, League of Legends, Pokémon Unite, Overwatch 2, Among us, Dead by Daylight, Fall Guys, etc. ♡ If you’re looking to socialize with some fun & considerate people, join our server! Don’t be shy, we’d love to have you and any of your friends ♡

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Genshin Impact's Gamers
1. Adventure Rank 30 or above 2. Complete Archon Quest Chapter III: Act I "Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark" ※ If you have not completed the Archon Quest "Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark" during the event, you can enter the event through "Quick Start" in the event page after reaching Adventure Rank 30 or above.

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Genshin impact
Genshin impact players join us

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genshin guild
you've been invited to the guild! this is a brand new, shiny server made for genshin impact players of all kinds and levels! as I get the server up and running, I will be planning different events and doing my best to keep the community safe and fun!

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