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Xenia [ERP/RP/18+]
Welcome to Xenia! This is a small server slowly growing to be large and strong for people's desire to meet up and hang together with a plot behind the ER/ERP. It may be small right now but that can change with the help of the Players and experience something great if you are into Public ERP/RP!

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Medieval Discord
Discord Medieval Realistic Roleplay 📜Realistic alternative history 💰Economy ⚔️Paths (Peasants, Soldiers, Clerics, Merchants and Nobles) 🤖Unique custom-made bot with: 🏷️Stuff like a character creator ⚔️Combat ❤️Health ⭐XP System(custom) 👮Friendly staff and detailed rules 💕Welcoming community and active VC as well as OOC chat 🎲Frequent small and large scale events! 🎵Medieval Music bot Medieval Discord's lore is set in 12th century Europe but with a twist!

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My UnOrdinary💖
We're a role-play server based on the Webtoon "UnOrdinary" by Uru-Chan. We have a solid and unique Storyline focused solely on OCs. No Canon Characters. OC Profile designed to fit the server's criteria, XP/Gold System, Open and Private RP Channels for members only by reacting, OC Market, Fair Ranking System with possible Character Ability Development, Supportive and Friendly community (but we hope to grow with your help), Single-MultiPara, all Roleplayers are welcome! 💖

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ELECTROHAXZ Hexxit Updated [Official]
ELECTROHAXZ Hexxit Updated puts adventure above all else, in the style of old Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Exploration is interesting, the dangers are greater and the sense of satisfaction of clearing out a dungeon is intense. Dark dungeons, towering spires, weathered ruins and musty tomes lay before you. Lay claim to riches or create your own artifacts, tame beasts and carve out your own story in endless wonder. Alone or with friends, adventure awaits on ELECTROHAXZ Hexxit Updated!

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𝓓𝓮𝓼𝓾𝓽𝓻𝓸𝔂𝓮𝓻 𝓗𝓪𝓿𝓮𝓷
𝓓𝓮𝓼𝓾𝓽𝓻𝓸𝔂𝓮𝓻 𝓗𝓪𝓿𝓮𝓷 We are a safe and open environment for all things anime, gaming and music. We accept people of all types! We find fun in diversity. Events: Question of the Day Anime and Movie Watch Together Scribblio - (Drawing Charades) Cards Against Humanity Fanfic and Story Reading Nights in Voice Chat Song Singing and Karaoke User Interactive Bots: Mudamaid Tatsumaki Rhythm Waifubot Cirno OwO Bot

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Heed the Song of Thra and come forth to join the Resistance, or perhaps your path Leeds differently? Who knows how our story will end or begin, but all is apart of the Song of Thra and all must accept their path come.forth and defend the Crystal of Truth!

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can't come up with a name
I made a server for role players who want to use their oc's. I made a story and custom mode! We would love to make new friends! There is a section just for nsfw if interested too :3c

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BNHA || Ruined Legacy {New!}
BNHA takes place in a world where America has lost its greatest hero, and the school for hero students and the prison for captive criminals are up to no good. This story will continue depending on your actions!

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Remnants (Star Wars Sith RP)
Our server started with just me and some friends as a joint-storybook, if you would. But things went silent for awhile, now I'm wanting this to be opened up to the public. We have a decent-sized pre-written lore with a few key characters already instated, but with your help, this could grow into much more. So come and help lay the building blocks for our very own star-wars story. All of our basic lore can be read in our lore channels. Feel free to join, even if it's just to read!

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Furry Resort
Hey! We're a new server with a lot to offer! But you're not conviced, are you? I could sit here and tell you what everyone else does, but let's spice it up a little. ✨ We make games based on RPs within the server. With a dedicated RP section for the overall server RP, YOU can form the story of a visual novel to keep and use on your PC or phone! ✨ We have a selection of NSFW and SFW channels. ✨ Raid protection - Because let's be real, it's necessary. ✨ All your favourite bots

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