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The Rice Fields
A server for anything and almost everything goes. Come join us for a conversation and help stir great ideas. Talk about games, random topics, life, politics, and everything in-between. Come chill with a great group of people and make new friends. We look to offer entertainment, fun conversation, intellectual conversation, and everything in-between. We offer general all types of conversation. Life, games, art, music, food, politics, controversy, writing, philosophy, technology, and many others. Come join our team and form this community with us. We're looking to grow with more great people. Bring your ideas and let's build something that's breathtaking.

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Regardless of Nationality, Gender, Sex, Race, Ethnicity, and Sexuality, our server greets you! We are a server for communities both within the Israeli border and abroad, to discuss Politics, Gaming, Movies, or whatever crosses your mind. Join us and be updated with news, have fun with our great community, make suggestions, enjoy great custom emotes, and ask questions about the wonderful state of Israel!

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Game Night
Unite with fellow video game players to chill out and have fun playing games. We especially welcome weirdos, unique characters, and outcasts. Talk about politics (or not), conspiracies, games, drugs, whatever. Low censorship. We do allow hateful language, but do not allow harassment. NSFW content non-pornographic (jackbox drawings, gmod builds, etc). Regular Jackbox games, hosting 3 GMOD servers, seeking gamers for Rust, Among Us, Halo, CoD, Roblox, Minecraft, Dolphin, Wargroove, Streets of Rogu

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Russian American Youth Alliance
We are a friendly community that connects youth from all over the world to discuss Russian politics, language, and culture! If you're interested in Russia in any way or learning the Russian language, you should join us! 🇺🇸🕊🇷🇺 We host weekly events that range from political discussions to Russian movie watch parties. Join our community to bridge the divide between Russian youth from around the world and make new friends.

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The Clapped Cavity
Welcome to the Clapped Cavity The clapped cavity is a community server more centred towards British culture but we are fairly inclusive. Here's what we have to offer: ‣  Political discussions. (All opinions welcomed) ‣  Active daily chats ‣  lgbtq+ friendly ‣ rewards for activity (role promotions and more) ‣  Welcoming community ‣  Dark humour. (Any serious racism, Homophobia, Transphobia etc. Is against rules) ‣  Partnerships (of any size) ‣  Chess tournaments ‣  Active vc and vc ev

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Paradis Island
Paradis Island is a welcoming and friendly discord where you can come in and talk about anime or other off topic discussions! However we are not open for politics, hurtful comments, or hateful speech as that's not allowed in our server; we strive to bring positivity, acceptance, and love to our members:)!!! We are fans of Demon Slayer, Naruto, Attack on Titan, and are open for discussion about other shows/mangas! We are a small server so far but promise to always be here to help you out :D

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Ayrus offers a fresh take on fantasy that steers away from the overused tropes of ages past. Here, you can influence a large and interactive world with politics, strategy, and magic!

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Novel Politics
Hello welcome to Novel Politics! Our server is for people who love politics and debating with others. The server consists of many channels, and are adding more and more features! We have several political parties that you could join if you want to. Come over and join our server!

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Glizzy Palace
A great chill out server for those interested in memes, gaming, some politics (we are right wing friendly), LGBT friendly, NSFW, Crypto currency, pol, free giveaways, and meeting new people. Server just opened up. Come hangout! GIVEAWAY - Per 10 people that join under your invite, you get 1 month of discord nitro classic.

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The Republic of Atlis
Do you like politics? War? Espionage? Maybe you just like roleplay? Well, this might be the server for you!

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