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Fame and Notoriety Advertising
Gidday and welcome to Fame and Notoriety Advertising. Feel free to promote what you want (within reason, no illegal activity, no inflammatory politics or sexual services thanks), in the appropriate channels. VIP ads at this stage reserved for friends of the owner

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☪ ☫ ☬ ☯ ✞ ☥ ☤ PolitiSpot ☤ ☥ ✞ ☯ ☬ ☫ ☪ 📖Various Subjects 🗣️Fair Debate ⚖️Minimal Moderation 🌎Diverse Community 🧠CTMU-Pilled

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Regardless of Nationality, Gender, Sex, Race, Ethnicity, and Sexuality, our server greets you! We are a server for communities both within the Israeli border and abroad, to discuss Politics, Gaming, Movies, or whatever crosses your mind. Join us and be updated with news, have fun with our great community, make suggestions, enjoy great custom emotes, and ask questions about the wonderful state of Israel!

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The Quarantine is a server for Conspiracy, Politics, Friends and Conversations. What makes us different from other discord groups is that we use a website called JumpinChat to talk to each other in a webcam chatroom, we have very friendly people from all parts of the world joining us in the journey of quarantining. Get your Hazmats ready, and come open a cold one with us!

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This is an unfriendly community of friendly people. If you get what I mean. The rules are simple, bullying bullies who get bullied by bullies so we may or may not bully bullies. Also, by any means possible, follow the law which governs Long ago in a universe that was said to be far away in a dimension within a dimension existed something... something ugh. Join the server Oohooo Gamers only

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Why join? Well, yes you should join! Differences between people are vast and great... And I have pretty much run out of any ideas. You see, this server basically contains different channels with topics such as pol, fit, anime and so on. If you like the idea of joining a server like that, then why not give it a go? I bet many will be kind enough to even call you the special word!

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world channel (18+)
We are a casual and eclectic community for discussing politics and current events. If you want an inclusive community to discuss ongoing world matters with a diverse and growing crowd of people, join us! ꕤ Casual and serious talk on a range of topics ꕤ Active community ꕤ Weekly game and movie nights

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RWBY Fan Server
One of the fastest growing and most positive RWBY communities out there! RWBY Fan Server is a super casual, fun, community-based discord server. No drama, no server politics, just a friendly and welcoming group of RWBY fans! All are welcome here, no matter who you are, what ships you like, what volume was your favorite, or what your favorite color is! Enjoy the positive side of the FNDM! Join us as we share our favorite fanarts, fanfics, gifs, clips, cosplays, you name it! We have dedicated ch

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Tom's Hardware US
A place to discuss technology with like-minded people. Politics and drama-free server with an amazing close-knit community.

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Libertarian Hangout
We are a Libertarian server with tons of roles! We encourage debate and we would love to have you! :) Join Today

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